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  1. RNGrad2006

    In Home Risk Assessment NP

    Are they going to give you training on HCC coding. This is the biggest reason they are willing to pay NPs to do these health risk assessments. That is not something I learned in school but did learn it from a variety of insurance companies I have worked for.
  2. RNGrad2006

    Low stress job vs more challenging job vs higher income??

    Are there any jobs in your area to work with Physical medicine. My experience is that pays well and with your experience doing trigger point injections that may be a good fit for you. In AZ that pays pretty well.
  3. RNGrad2006

    Jobless FNP

    Have you checked out Care More in Vegas? I worked for Care More in Phoenix and sadly they left the market but I got excellent training and I learned a lot. It is disease management so you do annual wellness visits as well as wound care, coumadin management and management of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, CKD. I would check it out. I looked and they have an opening for an NP and they often hire new grads. They will also give you excellent benefits.
  4. RNGrad2006

    Is Hospice nursing "easier"?

    i have been told that hospice nursing is harder for those with less experience in life. Dealing with end of life issues can be very stressful in its own way. Even with a more expected death it does not make it easy. Just my 2 cents. I worked for a hospice company for a while but on the Palliative Care side and even that had its tough moments since we transition people to hospice. It can be so sad at times....but rewarding as well.
  5. RNGrad2006

    Seeking Advice - CNA

    Their schooling may not be very long but their skills are definitely comparable having worked in both the US and Canada.
  6. RNGrad2006

    FNP or NOT ?

    It would also help to work in a hospital that has tuition reimbursement. They paid for about $10,000 of my tuition and my whole BSN. It really helps.
  7. To VICEDRN, I know this is an old thread but I recently changed jobs. I had two premiums this month drawn on Oct 3 and Oct 17 pay checks and my last day was Oct 17. They took out my premium on Oct 17 and told me my benefits would be cut off that day. I have never had this happen before as what you described I have always had benefits till the end of the month. In addition, I was not even told this. When I handed in my equipment on my last day it dawned on me I was not told anything about benefits. I emailed HR over the weekend and found this out after the fact. Is there anything I can do? Thanks
  8. RNGrad2006

    what are my options to work as an NP except office or hospital

    What company does this? I live in the Greater Phoenix area and might be interested in something like this as well.
  9. RNGrad2006

    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    Jenniferm1023, Do you like the company Matrix Medical? I noticed there are a lot of negative posts on glass door about this company's management but they are large and may not apply to the NP positions doing health risk assessments. So I was just wondering your opinion. There is a new posting through a recruiter Northeast Healthcare Recruitment, Inc. But it is a salaried benefited position. I appreciate your thoughts.
  10. RNGrad2006

    US Nurse Practitioner interested in Canada

    I would look at the province where you want to work. There is a lot of information online. I went to the College of Registered Nurses of BC site and there they state you need to take the ANCC exam which is also used to become registered in the US and then they also make you take a practical type of exam as well. In the US the AANP and ANCC are equally accepted. But in the US you just need to take the written exam. I took the AANP exam so would have to take the ANCC as well if I wanted to work in BC.
  11. RNGrad2006

    Hard to find job - Recruiter?

    Click on "Cardiology EP NP" in her post which will take you to the next screen where you will see SEND PM and then you can have a private message conversation.
  12. RNGrad2006

    TN Visa

    Unless things have dramatically changed I don't think it is true you have to use your TN that quickly but you just might if you already have an employer that is willing to give you a job. And you can start the visa screen process even before you take NCLEX I did...and then when I received the various pieces I just sent them in. Made it faster getting things started. I am also Canadian and got my green card last May. I had OPT and then got a TN and then applied for Green Card and now am working as an NP. I just kept going to school. I did all but one English Class and One Psychology Class in Canada. The rest of my education was all done in the US. I got my LPN first, then RN, then BSN, then MSN FNP. If you have specific questions you can PM me. Good luck...you will do great.
  13. RNGrad2006

    Cattiness an issue as a NP??

    I definitely think NPs are treated more like a professional. It may depend on your setting but I am currently working with 3 male doctors who are all amazing!!!! and one female NP. It is a nice change to leave high school behind....
  14. RNGrad2006

    Need help from a palliative care NP

    Well I already consider myself lucky Tim but now even more so. I dont even have NP experience nor Palliative Care experience but I guess I impressed HR, and kept showing interest even though I did not get hired initially. But apparently Palliative Care is now starting to take off and as luck would have it two NPs quit around the same time. I had agreed to do some interning for free while a position opened up but the opening came in a different way due to NPs leaving the organization. I got hired a few days after I started interning. I am thrilled to be there the medical directors are amazing to work with and very supportive. Keep trying Tim....
  15. RNGrad2006


    Canadians dont actually need sponsorship just an offer letter that allows them to get a TN visa which is usually not a problem for most employers.
  16. RNGrad2006

    FNP at Grand Canyon University

    Yes I graduated there. What do you want to know?

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