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hello everyone.. I kinda need to know if my step in the process of my career is okey. I am going to accept an offer in Taif, Saudi Arabia on the same field that I am exposed in the Philippines.... Read More

  1. by   RNHawaii34
    i am a filipino-american. i hope that the original poster will read this.... if i were you, i will wait until the retrogression is over. i heard so many unfavorable news from nurses who works in saudi arabia., it is sad. i had a cousin who worked there for 2 years, and came back home unhappy and depressed...i understand that many new nurses are so anxious to leave the country ( philippines) because life there is very hard, but working in saudi arabia is not gonna make your life better either, paywise, to me working there is not worth it...i would go to other countries instead...pls. don't settle for something less..stay in the philippines instead. you will lose your freedom when you go to saudi arabia. just my piece of advise, i know a lot will disagree.
  2. by   GrnHonu99
    My preceptor worked in Saudi for awhile after leaving the phillipines. He didn't care for it but never indicated that he didn't feel safe there. Mostly what I got from our conversation was that the working conditions weren't good. I know his wife went with him. Who knows. I will ask him tonight OP in more detail and let you know what he says! Good luck!
  3. by   dbihl
    I was just talking to a phillipino nurse on my floor yesterday. She said she worked in Saudi Arabia before coming here, she said she had to wear the full black gown and head covering. She also said she was not allowed out on her own. She also said when she came to america "it was like a dream come true" Good luck and god bless!!
  4. by   MrsJ84
    Quote from powernurse
    i have been to saudi arabia twice and it definitely is not as negative experience as people describe. I am 3rd generation american born to an Irish Italian family..... grew up with a liberal attitude about my place in the world..... the media is unfair to some cultures. how men and women interact and/or the separation of the sexes in certain situations is often depicted as "creulty" to women..... i will say that while i was there, i was always treated with respect......i have many filipino friends that have been there and loved it so much they made me want to go...... don't be fooled by negative statements from people who have NEVER even been there, possibly never even left american soil.....good luck to you
    I second this statement. As FDR said "The only thing we have to fear, is FEAR itself". Don't be afraid to go to Saudi just becuase people report some bad experiences. I respect that, and maybe the culture and religion doesn't speak to them. But the media is not fair, nor do they show you the big picture. The Islam you see on television is not the real Islam. The government controls public opinion through fear. Everyone, open your hearts and minds to our ever-shrinking diverse world. Women being covered and seen as a spiritual being and not as a piece of meat is liberating, not oppressive. To understand biochemistry, for example, you can't just open up to page 500, and try to understand it. It takes more than just a 30 second news clip to truly understand.
    P.s. Saudi women do work as nurses there, not as many, but they do. :spin:
  5. by   happy4553
    If anyone knows whether a LPN/ Surgical Technician can contract to Dubai
    let me know. I can't find any information on it.

    See my profile for email address.
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    Quote from happy4553
    If anyone knows whether a LPN/ Surgical Technician can contract to Dubai
    let me know. I can't find any information on it.

    See my profile for email address.
    You need to have RN after your name to get a visa to be able to work there. Check out the International Forum.
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    Thread moved to International Forum as it is specific to working overseas. There are already several threads on that forum specific to working there.

    Foreign countries require the RN for immigration purposes, and working there on a temporary basis still requires immigration.
  8. by   thenurse2006
    hi barbie, so did u go to the kingdom of saudi of a? :smiley_ab i guess that was a good mind exercise to make such decision!
  9. by   Victoriakem
    Never say never, but it looks like I am headed back to the Magic Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is. DH has a job offer from Saudi Aramco & he's really excited. I'm trying to be excited too. After feeling settled here & having friends & a job I like 95% of the time, I guess it's time to uproot once again. I am told I can be a "casual employee" @ the local hospital, which is good, as I don't want to be locked into anything full-time right away.
    Wish me luck! Back to the "shades of hell"......
    At least I still have a friend there, who's moving to Dubai. I'll just have to go & visit her & do a little retail therapy too.
  10. by   Barbie38
    I am back to the Philippines...remember? I left December..I just resigned form the Saudi Hospital...particularly Taif. I just wanna tell you that the accomodation was really good. The place was so cold..it looked like it would snow anytime..the job? wow! It was a very nice experience...working on the floor with different doctors coming from Syria, Britain, Jordan, KSA and many others. They have a big hospital...with good equipmetns...but listen to this...I have many FILIPINA co nurses on the floor...same with other units..THESE are the problem. They just think they don't want to teach you things like..how to find things on where..and that was more of the problem. They don't suggest rest time and most of the time...they feel they want you to work more and more without thinking that you need to sit for even 10 seconds...or eat and rest. Night duty? 12 hours shift with no rest at all. You have to practice walking with eyes closed and have to put a lot of chocolates ofr finer foods in your pocket to survive the 12 hours...what is more???
    you even extend to 13 or 14 hours with no ADD pay...you go home...half dead half alive. I resigned...used all my effort to have it approved...
    Now, I got a little freaked out thinking of this experience...am now in the Philippines...PRAISE GOD!!!!
  11. by   Barbie38
    to the people who answered my messages here...wow!!! thank you sooooo much...I love this website
  12. by   thenurse2006
    welcome home barbie! the good thing abt going to saudi is that, you got now an idea how it was like being in saudi. see it for yourself and see what youd like to say. ksa has a different culture, fil nurses could be indifferent too. i do not know why some are that way, but it is truly an eye openning , a lesson and an opportunity to reflect on how to be a good colleague, a worker and a friend. talking abt being starved, lol, did u lose weight? im also pretty sure that you did have a great deal of bathing everyday a sweet water, the mineral water of sooodi arabeeya ! it's a proven fact that your complexion would glow when you live there.
  13. by   gemerald
    Quote from weetziebat
    Barbie, I worked in Saudi for eight years. Most of that in Riyadh. I absolutely loved it. The last time I was there was in Sept. '05

    Taif is a lovely city - much cooler than say Jeddah. True, the Filippino nurses are not treated as well as western nurse, which somehow includes South Africans, but all the Filippinos I spoke with said it was much better conditions than they'd expected and the pay was far more than they'd make at home.

    The only thing to keep in mind about the money is that, while it is a lot more than at home, and your rent, utilities, meals, transportation, uniforms etc. are paid for, the groceries you buy will be considered expensive. Same price for everyone. Also any clothes you buy, though some places, like the souqs have tiered prices. Westerners pay most, Filippinos in the middle, and Saudi's the least. Helps if you bargain.

    I would say to go. It's only a year contract, which is very unusual for Filippinos, and you'll have an entirely different experience to add to your life. Also, since there are so many Filippinos there, it is a very social time. Unlike now for westerners, since so many have left.

    I never felt afraid, and the Saudi people are lovely. The press plays up problems and it may scare you, but it is really lovely there, and you'll get to spend your time waiting for your U.S. visa learning new things. The Saudi hospitals tend to have the latest equipment and techniques and the doctors are happy to explain and teach. Military hospitals are good as well.

    Good luck with your decision!

    Can I ask your opinion also regarding this: POEA in our locality have openings for nurses for KSA-Ministry of health with or without experience..I am interested and I would like to apply but seems I am afraid..Is it safe to work there? usually if under the Ministry of Health were do they assign their recruits if you have an idea? tnx alot!