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thenurse2006 is a RN and specializes in OR,Hemodialysis.

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  1. thenurse2006

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    Dear fellow nurses Thank you for all the tips, very helpful! To all nclex passers, you did a great job!!!! Would you like to share to us the type of questions you had encountered in your test? I know it is not right to take questions from the nclex but are we allowed to share at least a summary and ideas of questions we had encountered in our exam? I recall a few but not exactly of the same words... will this help?
  2. thenurse2006

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    This may not be a tip , simple but may help..I dont know the right answers..oh please share the right answers.... 1. Who is at risk of Lead Poisoning: is it a child who's parents are artists OR a child who's parents' hobby is collecting antiques and repaints them 2. Under infection control, Is it proper to apply lotion with a gloves on?
  3. thenurse2006

    Saudi- MOH

    Nurses are safe in Saudi Arabia. The nurses villa usually is well guarded and there are companies that would only allow the nurses go shopping at a certain days in a week, shopping bus is provided and there are also that would allow nurses to take a cab on their own. Always have someone with you (and it means not an opposite sex unless he is your spouse) when you go out shopping and dressing up conservatively in the public places would help too. When you are together with your spouse, always keep with you your marriage certificate authenticated by the Saudi embassy in the Philippines. Alkhobar is a little bit free to socialize with the opposite sex friends however, caution is still advised. I'm sure there would be some nurses here that could share more.
  4. thenurse2006

    Describe your standards of success

    Hehehehe! comeon 2b_RN, share yours ,maybe he's doing a global research! For me, a success is when I accomplished things I want to do, when I'm achieving and contributing
  5. thenurse2006

    Saudi- MOH

    The best thing to do is visit poea and approach one of the windows on the left side upon entering the premises.(unless they changed offices) you may want to inquire abt your interest to apply as a nurse in KSA. They are very helpful. They would give you a list of requirements to accomplish and would require you to submit two sets of the said requirements in a chronological order (I mean according to the list). That would include your resume with job descriptions, otr, trainings, college and high school diploma, sets of 2x2 pictures. (but please refer to the list they would give you) KSA could be a good training ground with pay rather than serving as a volunteer nurse in the phils ( this is just a personal opinion).
  6. dear suzanne,:balloons: lemme take this opportunity to send you my heartfelt gratitude for your thoughts of wisdom and straight forward but caring posts. i wish you lots of good things,happiness,richness and humility. be safe always. heppi heppi birthdey!
  7. thenurse2006

    green card inquiry

    dear suzanne, regarding green card, do all foreigners get a conditional permanent residence status? i recvd my greencard and it says conditional that has to be renewed in two years.
  8. thenurse2006

    Scrub hat pattern?

    i got mine from the classified ads under clothing @ www.friendster.com very comfortable and very reasonable price too 5.25$
  9. thenurse2006

    NCLEX in 7 hours: A Note For Everyone!

    :icon_hug: :loveya: i love the feeling of gladness for you cher!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats!!!
  10. thenurse2006

    NCLEX in 7 hours: A Note For Everyone!

    I started reading your post.Then on and on...and omg!! tears started streaming my face for you.God bless you! you're one very good inspiration!!!
  11. thenurse2006

    I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!congratulations from t he bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Melody::Melody: :Melody: :smilecoffeecup: :balloons:
  12. thenurse2006

    short cut to remember!nclex study tip...