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  1. BonesGilmore

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    Hi! Someone from SRO texted me: Get your authentication receipt for BDO stamping/seal I already gave them my authentication receipt & had my final evaluation with them two weeks ago so I don't understand this text. Someone please enlighten me? I'm in the province right now so I can't just go to SRO now. It's weird also 'cause they did send any replies.
  2. BonesGilmore

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    Hi! How's your application? How good is the accommodation? With pool and stuff? Free 3 meals or just one? Thanks!
  3. BonesGilmore

    Al Kharj Military Hospital

    Hi! Is Al Kharaj a good hospital???
  4. BonesGilmore

    Going Saudi first

    You know guys it's weird to now post on this forum because before, I used to just surf for stuff that can tell me more about Saudi and hopefully help me make a decision if I would really be ready to start my nursing career in a foreign and socially secluded country. But now that I'm here, I'm glad I took the leap. It's so not a bed of roses but it's not bad like I thought it would be. I'm learning a lot now not just professionally. I guess I'm also lucky that here in Jeddah, it's not really strict.
  5. BonesGilmore

    IV air bubble compensation

    sadly, not all hospitals here in our country uses IV pumps... what about antibiotic or amino acid sidedrips that are infusing only for 30 minutes? what if it run dry? Does a small amount of fluid still remain on their bottles?
  6. BonesGilmore

    Going Saudi first

    Hi Barbie... Does your shift really last 12 hours? Or the 4 hours just overtime? How were you able to resign? Did you fly with friends? Were you assigned on the same hospital?
  7. BonesGilmore

    Saudi- MOH

    Hi... I'm a bit curious who told you to go directly to the embassy. Were you able to ask them why? Is your board rating above 85% by any chance?
  8. BonesGilmore

    anyone applying in ust?

    I submitted mine last august but until now, they haven't sent me a txt yet which is weird because my requirements were complete and my rating is above 80%. So I'm planning to send the requirements again next week. Did they stop hiring or something?
  9. BonesGilmore

    Important info for Visa Screen Certificate

    I'm quite confused, just need a little guidance. So if I passed NCLEX. CG & IELTS already, the next step would be applying for a Visa Screen, right? Or was that already done when I applied for my CG? I'm confused because the forms to be accomplished for the CG exam & Visa Screen are quite the same. Thanks!
  10. i doubt that would happen for nclex because they have very different test giving strategy. first of all, they all take in a small number of people per day with varying schedule so chances of 1 being falsely accused of cheating is slim. you have a different set of question as compared to others (seatmates) and based on what happened to korea's testing center, selling or sharing the questions & choices for answers after taking the exam is the only thing i could think of that is a form of cheating for the nclex. so how could that be similar to the nle that you would opt to take it somewhere else?? if you did not share/sell questions, why would you be persecuted just because others did?
  11. BonesGilmore

    where should i enroll?

    URC & Kaplan have very different teaching method for URC's review is classroom based while Kaplan's is mainly computer based. Choose what suits your learning style.
  12. now, why would you think that? i'm sorry but i believe that if you did not participate on cheating of any kind & your conscience is clear, why would you fear taking the nclex in the philippines? there would be an investigation so why would you be caught in the net just because you have the same center as the perpetrator? for the record, i hate this thread.
  13. BonesGilmore

    Oct-12/3pm Nclex Takers In Manila Peeps!

    just for oct 12? :monkeydance:
  14. BonesGilmore

    Training on Dialysis

    bebe13, the training is @ metropolitan hospital @ Masangkay, Sta. cruz, Manila. The recent one started last july 25 but maybe they have another one.
  15. BonesGilmore

    any phil. heart cntr RN or has work there befor

    I'm also would like to work there, seems like a very good experience. But may I know how long would the contract be? Would the hiring process be a tedious one? What about the exams or interviews, would it be grueling? Do they accept applicants even without any hosp. experience yet? Sorry for the many questions, I just want to know enough. Thanks in advance!
  16. BonesGilmore

    Training on Dialysis

    It is expensive. My friend underwent if for P8000 for 2 months. For her, she just wanted to keep her hands busy while waiting for the results of the local NLE.