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i am new to this forum. i am a r.n. in philippines and will migrate in canada (vancouver). i haven't actually practiced my profession as a nurse in hospital setting instead as a company nurse. ... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    If he is planning on returning home to go through the process then I see no problems in him approaching employers and many should be used to the interim permit and requirements of the province
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    What kind of help do you think we should be providing, janelf? Each of your posts includes a plea for help... there isn't anything we can do other than provide information and we're already doing that.
  3. by   janelf
    Thank's silver.
    yeah I know janfrn, sorry it didn't mean anything. I am not expecting any other form of help here but ofcourse your informations that has been very helpful to all of us IEN.
  4. by   february19
    Hi. Do I still need to comply the IELTS requirement with CRNBC even if i have been working in the US for 3 yrs already? I took the IELTS for US employment last July 2006. Thanks!
  5. by   quami
    yep! you have to. ielts results cannot be more than a year when you pass them to crnbc. i also had to retake mine for crnbc.
  6. by   february19
    thanks kreeket!
  7. by   toffzter
    Hi! What if I already passed IELTS? Do I need to send the original copy of the my results to CRNBC? Or can I have a photocopy sent? If not, can I request the IELTS organization for another copy of my results? I only have one copy of it...
  8. by   718077
    hi! don't send your original coz that's your own copy. ask the test center where you took the exam to send crnbc a copy.
  9. by   toffzter
    Thanks for that info!
  10. by   toffzter
    Hey, is it difficult to find employers for the 250-hour experience requirement of CRNBC? I'm planning to work as a GN before I write the CRNE and I'm afraid that I can't find a job there.
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Any results like English has to go direct from the company you took it with. They will not accept any results that are sent from you
  12. by   toffzter
    I see. I appreciate your posts. They have been very helpful.
  13. by   sasi
    Hey everybody,

    Just a quick question... i'll graduate from a BSN program in about a year and I have always dreamed of living in Kistilano (BC). I obvioulsy will have no experience as a RN. I'm looking at the 12 months of OPT as an opportunity to gain some experience but again no guarantee i'll even find an employer for such a short time so I was thinking about applying for an ICU internship at a particular hospital, which lasts about 7months (you can then apply or not for a job after completion of the internship). My goal i guess is to increase my chances of finding an ICU job in greater vancouver area. Any thoughts or insights on that?