Adn vs BSN vs Diploma, requirement to enter nursing?

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  1. What should be the min requirement to become an RN?

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      ADN, no diploma schools
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      BSN, no ADN or Diplomas
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      Fine the way it is now

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Well, here goes, if anyone has read AJN for about the last year you would have seen the differing viewpoint articles and TON of reader responses about this subject. Basically it seems to be a huge hot topic as to if a BSN should be required in order to be a nurse, I saw good letters on both sides, and the articles both made good points. I have my own opinion but will shelf it for a short while I think. So what do you all think? Personally I think each persons opinions will be strongly tied to their first nursing degree.


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I think there is room for all degrees. A BSN is not necessarily the BEST nurse, and if there is such a shortage, then why not give all nurses a chance.

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I am a diploma nurse, at the time we got twice the clinical hours. I don't think it makes a whole lotta difference to tell you the truth. Just from working with the new grads here, I prefer the nurses educated at the local community college as compared to the local university. Meaning that I prefer the ADN's to the BSN's, I think that maybe the 4 year folks get more education in management than they do in becoming a nurse? With the shortage, all nurses should be created equal. :)


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I think BSN, but only if all ADN diploma nurses are granfathered in and the existing programs all become regular 3-4 years for a BSN (no prereqs) and cost the same as the ADN tuition. Think it'll happen? NO!!!

Really the only reason I think it would be a good idea is so that these debates would stop. :)


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Originally posted by fergus51

Really the only reason I think it would be a good idea is so that these debates would stop. :)

Amen :chuckle


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Yes, it would be nice to stop the debates! BSN students get flack about being full of theory, but not having clinical experience-not knowing what they are doing when they start work. The ADN's get flack because they do not have a Bachelor's degree, which makes some ignorant people seem to think that their nursing education is somehow lacking.

BOTH of these are stereotypes, usually generated by people who have a chip on their shoulder. I have been in both ADN and BSN programs. The ADN program was excellent. However, it was common for the students to get this superior attitude, scoffing about how much more well prepared we were for clinicals than the BSN students. As a BSN student now, I am TIRED of hearing about how I will not be getting enough clinical time, compared to an ADN. The particular University I go to actually has MORE clinical time than the local Technical College that offers the ADN.

I Think that this is an issue that would not even BE an issue if people would not be so ridiculous about it. Every profession encompasses people with varying levels of education and experience. My husband works in computers. He has no degree, only on the job training, and others he works with have (gasp) bachelor's degrees. It doesn't seem to be an issue for them.


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Please look in the archives at this disccusion it has been discussed to death in the past..........


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Everyone takes the same board exams, whats the diff


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I think all the programs make wonderful nurses. I'm now working with ADN's and Diploma nurses and am learning so much from them all.


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Originally posted by teeituptom

Everyone takes the same board exams, whats the diff I said earlier on a similar thread...the degree means little on the floor. There are good and poor nurses, degree is irrelevant. It is the universities that profit from BSN's most. If someone wants the BSN for the sense of accomplishment, that's great, but it will not make one a better nurse in and of itself.


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I understand how they may cut ADN degree out but dont see how they could ever cut out LPNs. LPNs do medicine etc at nursing home and RNs are like managers.

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