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Accepted into the ADN program!

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I've been done with my pre-reqs for two semesters now and after my second time applying I FINALLY got got my acceptance letter this week, and orientation is next Friday! I can't wait to finally get started on the good stuff!

As you can see, I'm pretty new around here but I've done a lot of lurking. Great forum and I look forward to getting to know some of you better!

- Derek

Wow, that was a long wait. I would've moved on to something else. Glad you stuck it out. Congrats on the acceptance.


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Congrats. What school are you going to?


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Thank you! I'm attending Florence-Darlington Technical College in Florence, SC for my ADN program... Hopefully heading to USC afterwards to finish up my BSN

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Congrats!! Now remember....you asked for it!


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haha indeed! I'm ready for it though... After working 9 years in a job that I DESPISED and having never gotten the chance to go to college after high school, I've wanted it too much for too long to look back now! :-)

Congrats! Get as much rest as you can before you start.

Congrats Derek....

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Good for you! I just finished my ADN in August and started working at the end of November. I am still ecstatic!

Good for you! I just finished my ADN in August and started working at the end of November. I am still ecstatic!

I'm jealous. Got my ADN back in May, passed the boards a couple of months later and have yet to get even an interview.

Best of luck to the OP - the fun starts now.


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Derrick, I just received my acceptance letter from Spartanburg Community College. However, I'm from the Midlands and would love to attend FDTC. The application is due on 4/29/11, and I intend to apply. I have a few quick questions for your consideration?

1) Did you complete all of the non-nursing courses (BIO-210, ENG-101, MAT-110,PSY-201, Fine Arts/Humanities Elective,BIO-211, Bio 225) before applying?

2) Are you from the preferred attendance area (Florence, Darlington, or Marion)?

3) Can you recall what your prerequisite GPA was. If you're not comfortable providing that, would you mind providing an approximation?

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To the OP: Hope all is going well for you... It took me 7 Semesters of applying to finally get selected. Such is the fun part of lottery-based selection systems. A couple programs in the area, but are too far for me to travel to, use a simple wait-list process. It is what it is. At least I can finally get going!

Hello everyone do anyone know how long it took to receive their acceptance letter to the program after they applied.

Depends on program. Ours actually told us when the letters will be mailed out. at least a month after you submit all the requirements and documents id say.

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Congrats! I graduate with my ADN in 22 days! May 8th! I've gotten job offers in 2 ED's, 2 CVICU/CTICUs, and a Neuro ICU! The job market is not as bad here in SE NC, and im thankful for that. I can't wait! I start my RN to BSN program in July, at Western Governor's University online (sooo affordable!)! Nursing school has been awesome thus far, difficult at times, but worth it!