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  1. Passed HESI RN Exit Exam

    I finally passed the HESI exit exam. My school requires a 850 or higher. My first attempt I made a 849. My second attempt I made a 1,018. I am finally out of nursing school! Now, it's time to study for NCLEX. -Aaron
  2. It is possible to work part-time if you know how to manage your time. I know people who have worked throughout the entire program (including myself). Do I work 40 hr/wk? No. But, I do work ~ 25 hr/wk. Make sure your employer is very flexible, be...
  3. I'm currently in the last course of the program. Congrats to everyone that was accepted. Be prepared and you will enjoy the program. Good luck!
  4. A&P I and II - Free Notes

    This link works.
  5. Organization will come once you receive your syllabus. Find what works best for you. E.g. - I only take a small notebook and a pen. Know your material before class, sit there and listen and write down the important stuff. Try not to make school h...
  6. A&P I help?

    This is all in your book and online. Shouldn't take > 30 min. to find all of the answers. 1. Adrenal gland - Endocrine Good luck!
  7. UALR-quality points

    @Mrs.Mumz - Lecture exams are definitely doable. As long as you read the assigned pages and pay attention in lecture you'll be fine. In my opinion, you rarely have to take notes unless the instructor say's, "I would know..." The more exams you tak...
  8. Websites For OB/Peds

    ]Can someone point me to helpful OB/Peds websites? I would like to start familiarizing myself with a few concepts before classes begin in the fall. I have a on-going list of helpful websites for nursing students:
  9. Design quiz to assess Diabetes knowledge

    I do not know what your question is, but look for facts about Type I Diabetes Mellitus. Take those facts and turn it into quiz questions. Simple.
  10. helpfull site for nursing students

    My personal nursing school notes...
  11. Ualr transcript

    You will get instructions on confirming nursing as your major once you have started the N1300 course. They will tell you everything you need to know. Congrats!
  12. A&P I and II - Free Notes

    Here you go...
  13. UALR-quality points

    Good luck to you all. Rest up for the intro. class. :)
  14. Best Anatomy Resources to use?

    If you are doing well, keep doing what you are doing. I agree with That Guy. Drawing it out helps.
  15. Mental Health Nursing

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to the clinical part of the class, but lecture is a different story.