Acceptance letter Month!


Hey all, well it's finally March, the month that acceptance letters for the accelerated BSN program that I applied to goes out. ( I have a back up which is the regular 2 year BSN tack program and the letter for that goes out in April, but I'm hopping I don't have to wait that long).

I've been posting on here about how much the wait is killing me and a lot of you guys/gals responded and feel the same way too.

So now my plan is this: there are 31 total days in the month of March. I plan to post at least once a day on here to inform all of you on the progress of the letter. I will check my mail (with sweaty palms and a rapid heart beat) every single day until the month of March is complete! After I forage through the contents of my mail, I will then post on here to let you all know if I received the letter or not and what it said. Yes I will even let you all know if I get declined, no shame in it. It's just that I've gotten really tired of the waiting and this seemed like a good idea to keep the days rolling and maybe garner some support of fellow future RN's who might understand what I'm going through.

So without further ado, here goes...

Day 1


Since the first of March was on a Sunday, that means no mail.

Day 2


No letter... just bills! :(


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Similar feelings here. Tomorrow I'll attend a lottery drawing at a local CC, and the private ABSN I'm interested in will send out acceptance letters this week. I'll come back and post. Hang in there!


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Good luck to everyone!

I'm going to try and keep busy so I don't obsessivly stalk my postman! Haha


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Good luck I look forward to hearing your news!


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I can imagine you stalking the mailbox every day lol. I would be doing it.

Good luck!


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I have to wait until the week after spring break so that's the 3rd week in March! I'm dying over here, the suspense is literally killing me! LOL.

Good Luck for everyone waiting on the letter!


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I have to wait till April to find out... the wait is killing me!

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I was expecting a letter end of Feb. Early March. The admissions lady told me Spring semester when I was offered an "Alternate, Alternate" spot. (YES 2 ALTERNATES! that I should have no problem getting in this fall when I declined. But still afte waiting for over 3 years I was nervous. I was stalking my mail man by the end of Feb and low and behold I get my Acceptance EMAIL LOL I think I screamed and yelled and responded back within 3 mins that I accepted my place LOL.

I hope you get your letter soon.


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Rec'd my letter today! I got accepted into the Fall 09 program, day program!!! I'm so glad I don't have to wait anymore:yeah::D:up:

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WOOHOOOOOOO Congrats, we will be new nursing students together!


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I received my acceptance letter yesterday. I laughed and cried! I called everyone I knew and my BFF bought me a plant and a card...she's the greatest. I still feel off balance...I know the hard work starts now. I want to do this and I've never been so scared and excited in all my life (not even when I joined the military!) I'm trying not to let the doubt of my abilities creep in. Wow, I got into to nursing school...I'm on spring break and I don't want a drink or anything:D

My husband has been a rock for the most part, this is the first step!

Go meat!

Good Luck for those who are still waiting:heartbeat

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