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Mother of 3, war veteran, and wife to a career military man

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  1. PoetryInMotion

    one semester of chemistry costs $1000?

    I think it really depends on the school. My cost for Chem (4c.h.) was over 2k, because my school is a private one. The books was silly expensive too and the prof didn't particularly like the text.
  2. PoetryInMotion

    For all pre-nursing students

    Served over 10yrs in the military. I think I'll be okay. I try not to absorb too much negative energy. School is stressful enough without taking on someone else's views and generalizations. I know it's not going to be tea and roses. Just like I did grunt work in the beginning of my first career, I expect to start at the bottom again. Most of the people I'm in school with are on the same level of thinking. I have no clue what type of nursing I truly want to do. I'm open to what comes. I know where I'd like to end up, but I'm open to whatever road will get me there.
  3. PoetryInMotion

    Chemistry Fall 2008

    I'm on my second week and I'm falling behind already. I didn't have Chem in H.S. so it's like he's speaking french to me. I'm trying really hard not to get frustrated:cry:, I meet with my tutor today at 5. Wish me luck and please send me smart-chemistry-chick vibes:heartbeat I bought the chemistry for dummies workbook, I'm still confuseded (yes I meant to add the extra e d, because that is how confused I am) I can do this, I will do this! ETA: It's not all doom and gloom guys and gals, my prof rocks and my tutor is free. I'm finding the silver lining!
  4. PoetryInMotion

    Schools lack means to graduate more nurses

    Not everyone is meant to be a teacher. Many people don't WANT to teach. Seems like the pace for teaching and the pressure to teach wouldn't sit well with people. I know nurses teach patients and their families, but teaching future nurses is a whole other ball of wax.
  5. PoetryInMotion

    What pre-reqs are you taking this fall?

    I changed school so my pre reqs changed. Essentials of Chemistry I w/lab Old Testament New Testament Nutrition
  6. PoetryInMotion

    Anatomy 1 - What Prereqs Are Best!!

    I wish I had taken Med Terms before I took A&P I &II I'm taking Med Terms in Summer session and I'm like:banghead: know these would've helped me a lot. I'm taking Micro in the spring so I can't help you there. Sorry.
  7. PoetryInMotion

    Chemistry Fall 2008

    I'm taking Essentials of Chemistry I&II Decided to change school and this is one the perks of changing...easier chemistry...and it stills the pre req requirements.
  8. PoetryInMotion

    Caught stealing drugs

    People keep calling it diverting, is this nursing PC for stealing? Not being snarky but not sure why it's not just called stealing. I'm sure there are times when medical professional steal drugs to sell them, they may not always be abusing them.
  9. PoetryInMotion

    "Women Are Catty"

    I've found that any where there is a large number of women, the claws seem to come out. I try very hard to check myself when I among a group of women. I do a lot of self talk "gee do I really need to point out her polish is chipped and her hair is ugly?" Even if I think it I won't say it, I try to stay positive. Women can be BRUTAL, I try really hard not to be one of them or feed into any ugliness that may arise. Now if it's just me and my BFF we are catty as hell with each other:clown: We don't treat people badly, but when we're together we just let it all hang out.
  10. PoetryInMotion

    Opinions needed!

    So did I talk about snoozapalooza:down: I ended up with a B:o
  11. PoetryInMotion

    Uh Oh!!

    If that person is still within the hospital system can't you contact them? Did you not get some type of paperwork when you signed on? Not coming down on you I'm just curious.
  12. PoetryInMotion

    Micro Fall 2008

    There is a "sticky note" at the top of this forum. Check it out. They have provided us with some great info to help us through several subjects. Good Luck HTH
  13. PoetryInMotion

    More Strange Baby Names

    Worked with a guy named Donna...no really it was on his ID. Met a guy named Genesis Revelations Know a little girl whose name is Nolia (as in magnolia like the tree)
  14. PoetryInMotion

    How many nurses say they want to be a CRNA?

    It is something that I've thought about. There are so many specialties it's hard to narrow it down. My friends that are in school aren't considering CRNA...one wants to teach nursing, one wants to do peds and another wants to become a midwife. My main focus is just getting into nursing school, but I have a 5yr plan. Grad school is a part of that plan. I still need to narrow it down:banghead::loveya:
  15. PoetryInMotion

    accelerated BSN online

    no tx tech offers a program in her area which is not lubbock. i don't want to identify the location as there aren't many people in her class (less than 40 i believe) she does have to go to lubbock 2x for orientation, but she is being given a preceptor (they call them coaches) at her local hospital. she starts her program in august. she's so stoked and i'm so proud of her.:redbeathe
  16. PoetryInMotion

    accelerated BSN online

    Her program is offered only at a few locations in Texas. Her "class" work will be online, but her clinicals are at the local hospital. I don't think TX tech offers the program outside of the state. Sorry if there was any confusion.