Absolutely, positively, awesome day!!

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This morning started out like any other...trying to figure out what books I needed for the day. Then I called human resources/nurse recruiter at the hospital to see what the status on my employment application was. I was asked to come in for an interview after my class this afternoon.

When I arrived (I was early) the nurse recruiter met me and took me back to her office. I had just barely sat down and she said "what would you say if I was able to offer you a two year scholarship that would fully pay for school until you graduate, put you immediately into the externship program, and then when you graduate you will go directly into the internship program. This is going to happen in the ED where I know that your main interest is". I was totally speechless for the first time in my life!! I could only say "where do I sign?". This is a dream come true. It will relieve the pressure of having to pay back the thousands of dollars in student loans, give me an income that hubby and I so desparately need right now, and put me into my dream environment in emergency medicine. I don't think I've been this happy since I got married!


And now I've got to study. Yuk! But at least now I'm really, really, motivated!!!


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HOT D**N!!!! Good for you essarge!!! That is so awesome!!:D


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I am so excited for you!!!


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(and a weeee bit jealous :) )

That is completely wonderful!!!!



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congrats!! :D :d :D

i know you are excited.... now gives you a bigger and better goal to strive for....

Brown Suga

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I am very happy to hear about your chance of a lifetime. I hope I can have an opportunity knock at my door. Well best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

:cool: :)

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essarge! How wonderfully fantastic! That is sooo great! Congratulations!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Praise God!



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Thanks everyone!! My heart is still racing and I'm still numb!! I have to get my physical (like I haven't had enough already this year) and then orientation in two weeks........can't wait!! I'm soooooo excited (and nervous at the same time)!! The ED here is level three, but in 2005 they will be up one level and also have opened an open heart surgical wing....this is sooooo awesome!! Well guess if I want to get there I'll have to study now!! LOL! I procrastinated tonight and watched jeepers creepers (kind of wierd, but ok)!


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This is so great!!! Congrats on this fantastic opportunity!!

Wow! That's so great for you! Congrats!!:D :D :D

night owl

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Congradulations to you! Are you sure there isn't a catch somewhere? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but I hope that in your case there aren't any catches to be found. I know that at my place of employment if they pay for your schooling, you have to work for them for 5 or 6 years in return.

Good luck to you. :D


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Hey that's great Essarge! Congrats to you. I had kind of the same thing happen recently. Just got hired for my first nursing position at the hospital I currently work at - - in exactly the ICU I wanted to be in (primary open chest and transplantation ICU at St. Louis University Hospital) --- and get $5000 for promising a year to them (which is not a problem at all because I love it there!!).

So anyway...sorry to throw in my little story there, but it thrilled me too! Congrats again!!:p

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