'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #3 | Nurses Month

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For Nurses Month, we will provide 3 toons (on separate days) in need of a caption. All you have to do is submit your caption below.

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Contest Rules

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  2. Keep captions short and to the point. Captions should fit the toon. 
  3. Enter as many captions as you like.
  4. Contest ends May 31, 2022

IMPORTANT Winners will be contacted via email. The 'Night On The Town' Restaurant Gift Cards can be used in the following restaurants:

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Avill, BSN, RN

Specializes in School Nursing, Home Health. Has 7 years experience. 3 Articles; 365 Posts

Oh don't mind him, its a new nurse. We told him next time he said the "Q" word he would have to take the charge nurse around the unit. 

Davey Do

Specializes in Psych (25 years), Medical (15 years). Has 43 years experience. 1 Article; 9,844 Posts


Red Shirt 6, CNA

Has 3 years experience. 1 Article; 126 Posts

Guess who won the 3rd About A Nurse Caption contest on AllNurses.com. 



Specializes in Advanced Practice, Critical Care. Has 40 years experience. 12 Posts

Transport always gives him preferential treatment!

Davey Do

Specializes in Psych (25 years), Medical (15 years). Has 43 years experience. 1 Article; 9,844 Posts



DarkPeach, ASN

Has 1 years experience. 26 Posts

He holds the almighty raspberry sherbert of legend. He has agreed to share the location in exchange for transport, so be on the lookout for patients in disguise.


rentalnurse, RN

Specializes in ICU, CCU, ER, PACU, tele, PSYCH. Has 30 years experience. 64 Posts

Must be the new travel nurse! 



Specializes in Pediatrics. Has 20 years experience. 5 Posts

"The student nurses are doing really well this semester!"

sunshine 24

sunshine 24

27 Posts

The feeling you get after successfully starting an IV on a patient who is a hard stick.

Pam Nursie

Pam Nursie

Specializes in Psychiatric, Med Surg. Has 14 years experience. 1 Post

He was able to give report in under 5 minutes and leave on time.


blossom1990, DNP

Specializes in Midwifery. Has 5 years experience. 1 Post

We try to deliver our duty diligently, though we are human but we don't allow our workload to get in line of our duties.