'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #1 | Nurses Month

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twixoxoxo, MSN, RN, EMT-P

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I’m still waiting for the doctors discharge orders. 


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“Apparently the kitchen is out of chocolate pudding”



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Well… based from the muscle strength I will score him a 5 for Normal Active Movement against gravity…with full resistance to DISCHARGE! 😂🤣😅


DarkPeach, ASN

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Normally staff strip the rooms after patients discharge. But this patient was kind enough to do it themselves before they leave.



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The pudding didn’t fool him. 



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Apparently the pudding didn’t fool him this med pass. 

silkygold, CNA, RN

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Pt is upset due to not being able to eat/drink before tomorrow surgery.

Why isn't my food hot?! 

Well, there he goes again? Today is going to be great...yup..just great!

Sure it is. Let me call the doctor. Psych consult? 

Who knows...




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"He's having a good day today"


Gratefulbutnotstupid, ASN, LPN, RN

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For every minute he’s waited, another item has come through the door.  Now it’s getting wet.

logos68540, BSN, EdD, RN

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Let me guess.....pureed again?