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  1. I currently work for a facility that financially is not doing well. We can't get certain supplies due to suppliers not being paid. Many nurses have quit. I work in the ICU at this facility and they have turned us into a float pool. The problem with that is we constantly get pulled from our ICU to staff the medsurg floors. When this happens we are given the worst patients and all the discharges so that we have to take all the new admits. On top of this, we lose our ICU differential so we get paid less when we go to a floor that we didn't want to work on, to begin with. We have pointed this out to management who say there is nothing they can do about it. They started having a shortage of nurses in ICU due to everyone quitting because of how we are being treated. When this happened we were told we can not use any of our vacation time unless we find someone to fill the spot that we want off from. We also received letters saying the hospital would not be matching our retirement this year. Our charge nurses have to take patients in the unit just like everyone else, but the charge nurses on the floor are not required to take patients no matter how short they are on nurses. As an ICU nurse at this facility, I have been put in many situations that were unsafe for the patient. They will triple us up with patients for one nurse, sometimes it being 2 or 3 vent patients at once, so they can pull one of our nurses to a medsurg floor. The doctors at this facility are never on the same page with each other. They do NOT listen to the nurses at all. When we tell them that a patient is not ready to leave ICU they send them anyway and then go to management when the patient gets worse and say that the nurse didn't take good care of them. I'm just curious if any other facility has issues like this? Is this normal for every facility? Would you work at a facility that has this many issues? What are your thoughts on being pulled from an ICU to a medsurg floor?