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pattithenurse has 31 years experience and specializes in School Nursing/Pediatrics.

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  1. pattithenurse

    'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #1 | Nurses Month

    “Apparently the kitchen is out of chocolate pudding”
  2. pattithenurse

    COVID-19: How Can Nurses Help Turn the Tide? | Article Contest

    Congratulations Winners!
  3. pattithenurse

    A Nurse's Power to Turn the Tide of COVID

    Great article and true on all fronts!
  4. pattithenurse

    How School Nurses Can Help Turn the Tide On COVID-19

    Thank you for your kind words!
  5. Where are We Now? Here we are rounding the bend of October 2021. About 20 months into a global pandemic, healthcare has been in a strange place. While many in healthcare have worked tirelessly caring for COVID-19 patients, those with other heal...
  6. Hi Mary - I would like to know how to get a copy of the Florence Nightingale special magazine publication.  I was one of the winners of the essay contest and I would love to be able to get a copy.  Thank you!

    Patti Purcell

    1. tnbutterfly - Mary

      tnbutterfly - Mary, BSN, RN

      Hi Patti

      All allnurses publications are available to download for Platinum Members.  Currently, a Platinum Membership has a discounted price of $30/year. For more information about the many perks of a Platinum Membership, go here.

      Let me know if you have additional questions.


  7. pattithenurse

    Please Describe Your COVID Experience in One Word?

  8. pattithenurse

    Florence Nightingale and Environmental Theory

    Thank you so much for the kind words. And I was impressed that they made the changes as well! It was nothing short of miraculous in a school system!
  9. pattithenurse

    Florence Nightingale's Revolution from Home

    This article is fantastic, and so relevant to today! I had no idea that Flo had a post viral illness that kept her bedridden for all those years. Well done!
  10. Great article Era! I love how you focused on this important element of healing. As a school nurse, I see how noise affects our students, causing everything from headaches to severe anxiety. We have many students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who a...
  11. pattithenurse

    Florence Didn't Fake It

    I love this! Beautifully written and so true!
  12. pattithenurse

    The Nightingale Solution

  13. pattithenurse

    Tired of Being a Nurse

    Try being a nurse writer! I have started this path already, so if you happen to like to write and you still want to make a difference by using your nursing knowledge, give this a try! Check out Elizabeth Hanes' RN2Writer ebook. That's how I got st...
  14. pattithenurse

    Florence Nightingale and Environmental Theory

    Thank you so much for your kind words! The figurines are so cool!
  15. I have been a school nurse for almost 30 years. During this time I have worked in several different school buildings, some very nice and some not so nice. In one of the schools where I was once assigned, in the small nurses' office, there was a lone ...