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I have a question... I started a BSN program at the local University 2 years ago, but then left at the end of the first semester when I was pregnant and having complications....

So I took most of A&P I but didn't take the last exam or final, so I had to drop it (either that or take a D... ick).

Anyway, I'm taking it again in the fall at the local community college.

My question is.....

The layout at the university... I hated it!!!! Our lecture instructor and lab instructor were a husband and wife team. In class we're talking skin, in lab we're talking bones, NOTHING in the lab coordinated with the lecture.... Are all A&P classes like that?

I noticed that at the comm. college there's a diff. lab instructor than lecture, which I'm fine with.... when I took chem it was like that, but the lab somewhat followed what we did in class. If it didn't happen at the same time, the lab always happened after we learned it in lecture so we had an idea of what was going on.

But in my A&P, the lab teacher prattled on like we already knew what she was talking about... and I was soooo lost. It was as if she thought we learned it in the lecture already. No one else seemed to have a problem that I noticed though.... so maybe it was just me....

I am just praying it's not like that at the comm. college!!!! Are they all like that?????

--zannie :)


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That is usually why I always try to take the same teacher for both lab and lecture. Luckily though for our CC, many of the instructors work together so that labs do correspond to lectures.

I think that you might need to speak with one or both of your instructors. Are others also having a difficult time? This is too important of a class for you to have to deal with additional difficulties like this.

For myself, I would probably speak with your lecture instructor first. Let him know that the lab instructor is covering some items not yet covered in class and ask if there is anyway that you can prepare better for lab (i.e. reading ahead). This might propel him to speak with the lab instructor in best coordinating the two classes.



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Our lab was often a chapter or two ahead of our lecture class.

I thought of them as two separate classes. Our lab manual was pretty good, so I made sure I read it closely. It was pretty strange not to have them better coordinated, but it helped when I thought of them as different classes.

PennyLane, RN

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My A&P I lab was about 2 weeks ahead of my lecture. It was really frustrating. This semester for A&P II they're a lot closer. Only towards the end of the semester did we start getting slightly ahead in lab.


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My A & P classes weren't really in sync with the labs either(even with the same instructor for both)....maybe it is the norm!


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During A&P I, lab and lecture were always pretty much in synch with the lecture material appearing before lab. A&P II was pretty much the same except toward the end when we had no lab exercise for Acid-Base so we went straight to Reproduction and genetics and got ahead of the lecture.

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My lab was way ahead of class lecture. I also viewed them as two separate classes rather than relying on one to help me with the other.


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I guess I got lucky. In my school, the A & P did not happen at two separate times. It was one class. The first half was lecture, the 2nd half lab. In the same room, with the same teacher. And we did it by system, so anatomy of certain systems was covered in one semester, those of another in the 2nd semester. We did not have "anatomy" as one semester, and "physiology" as another semester. They were one and the same, covering each system's anatomy and physiology at the same time, in the same room, with the same instructor.


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My lecture (if you want to call it that... he didn't usually actually lecture, but let us read the book ourselves) and lab were by the same instructor but didn't cover the same material. Labs were spent with bones, muscles and internal organs of the cat and later nerves and functions like ECG's, BP's and respiration experiments with journal. Lecture was all out of the book with memorization for testing. And he was a stickler for spelling! You had to quote actual passages from the book and get order and spelling right!!!! I'm not a memorizer... hey, I'm 46! But I still got an A with lots of study!


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I had the same teacher for all four classes (a&p 1 lecture AND lab and then again for a&p 2 lecture AND lab). I took lecture and lab for a&p 1 one semester and then the next semester lecture and lab for a&p 2. even tho i had the same instructor for both classes, the lab class tended to be about a chapter ahead of the lecture class, but she was VERY lenient with us.


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We had the same lect. & lab teach at my community college. It was great because we were ALWAYS in sync. All the lects and lab teachers in each semester were on the same page so even if I didnt have the same teach, it would not matter too much. I have to take A&P 2 this fall at the university I just transfered to and Im hoping things will be the same but I am not counting on it. An obvious piece of advise would be to read the chapter you will be covering before class. It helped me sooo much because I then could link together what I had read to what was being lectured and I could ask questions right then and there instead of waiting until I got home to study and would wind up being frustrated. So many kids in my class waited to read after lecture and they would struggle through class. So if you have 2 teachers dont fret too much. You will be covering the material either way, right? Good Luck and Happy Studying!!!!!!!!! :)


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Thanks everyone... it seems that it goes both ways... some they coordinate and some they don't. I did try to think of them as separate classes, but it was so overwhelming b/c the lab professor seemed to teach on the premis that we'd already learned it in lecture... we'll see how the new class goes! :) :)

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