Hey everyone, still trying to figure out my schedule. Kind of thinking that my advisor is only suggesting to take certain courses to make the college money, thats my 2 cents anyway. Anywho, I currently work about 40 hours per week, am taking medical terminology as a telecourse, general chemistry, and a reasing/comprehension class online. I've been getting some awesome grades this semester as well. So my question is, next semester, I am signing up for A&P 1, but am wondering if I took general psych or sociology if it would be too much to take with A&P seeing how I work between 38-40 hours per week. Has anyone worked a full-time job, taken A&P along with another class as well? I also work in a nursing home and am around the healthcare atmosphere on a daily basis, so this helps as well. Just wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks for your help!!! :):)



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Everyone is different, and alot depends on the teacher also. Currently Im taking A&P, lifespan development, alegbra and a soc elective, and I only work 15 hours a week and at times feel that is too much. But... I got the hardest prof at my school for A&P, if you feel you can manage your time well and still devote hrs for studying while working, then youll be fine.

I will take A&P 1 and chem in the spring working about 30-35 hrs/week.


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I'm taking Sociology online and Microbiology, work 50+ hours a week. I took both A&P's with at least one other class while working fulltime got A's. My medical background helped so much. I don't think I could do two science (lab) courses together though. Best of luck


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A&P I & II are the hardest classes I have ever taken besides Chem. They are extremely time consuming. I am taking A&P II currently and I spend about 10 hours a week minimum on it including class time. I've never taken sociology, but I know Psych can be a challenging class, also. It is all up to you obviously, but keep in mind that you want an A in A&P for nursing programs.


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I took A&P1, Chemistry I, General Psychology, and Ethics while working 3-4 12s a week.

The workload at times was a little rough, but for the most part I had adequate time to do everything. Part of my success was ruthless triage of time consuming tasks. I was destroying the Chemistry tests so somewhere in the middle I opted to stop doing the homework because it took too much time. Paying attention in class and reading the book was enough for me, I didn't need to do the 50 additional problems as weekly homework.

A&P I spent around 20 hours/week studying. I didn't need to spend anywhere close to that to get an A, but I valued learning the material very heavily because I would be using it for a long time. The people in my A&P class who failed had to be literally doing nothing at all. I was talking to my professor one day and she said some people would identify the femur as an arm bone, even having access to a model during the exam. :lol2:

Next Semester I am taking Eng 101 during winter intersession. For the spring I am taking Psych 101, Ethics, College Math, and sociology online. I work 40 hrs per week! I will be taking A&P 1 during summer 1 session, and A & P 2 during summer 2 session!


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I took AP with chem and 2 other classes when i was 20 and worked full time....I bombed it...it was way to much.

Im now taking AP on its own and getting an A.

I definatly cannot take a & p with another class that is why I am going to do it in the summer with just itself.


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I am also taking A&P I next semester. I signed up for 2 online classes to go along with it (Psych & English). Online classes to me are easy A's -- all open book! All my study time will be for A&P. Can you take any of your other needed pre-reqs online?


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Online classes to me are easy A's -- all open book!

Not in all cases. Two of my online classes this semester are not open book.


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I am taking A & P I and English 101 this semester and it is very doable. From the other prenursing students I have talked to at my school, Sociology was pretty easy (I am going to take it as a five week summer class next year).

I took an online class this summer and most of the tests and quizzes were in the testing center at the school, so no open book for those. But some quizzes we could do at home.