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  1. RebeccaV

    ekg certification

    I am currently in nursing school, and I absolutely want to go into cardiology. My school offers a non-credit EKG certification course. I was thinking of taking it, because as a new grad Id think having that in addition to my RN would make me more marketable in the cardiac field? Is this true?
  2. RebeccaV

    adderall...mixing with sleep meds?

    Its a very dangerous combo. First of all one increasing everything, the other decreases, and its not like they will just cancel each other out. It is known fatal mixture of stimulants and depressants for cardiac troubles.
  3. RebeccaV

    how to study for pharmacology/how often

    My method for studying all of my classes is the same - about 20-30 minutes per class 2-3 times per day, every day as a constant review. I review the pp, and I review my own notes. Then 2 -3 days prior to a test/quiz I re-write my notes, then review the text corresponding to the pp and notes from lecture. I do this each day, 3 days in a row before the annoucned test/quiz. I cannot sit for hours on end studying, I lose interest and get antsy, so I break it up. It works well for me. When I struggle with something I write it over and over and over until I get it. I use my own notes, plus the pp, plus the text to get like 3 different perspectives on the same material, which also helps. I have pharm now and A&P 2 and have a perfect 100 average in each class.
  4. RebeccaV

    Unemployment Benefits when you are a student?

    I was working full time and when I returned to school last summer they wouldnt let me step down to work part time and I was laid off. I now work part time 20-25 hours a week and collect partial unemployment. Thankfully in my state the benefits should last until Im done in another year.
  5. RebeccaV

    unit secretary?

    I am in the same position actually. I applied for a NA job, and just had an interview 3 days ago, however, when I applied I was told I only needed my CPR certification, which I have but once in the interview I was told I needed a year of clinical rotation behind me as well, and I start clinical in June. Then today I got a call, and she asked if I wanted a secretary position, sat and sun 3-11, Im def. going to take it. Im dying to get any expierence working in the hospital.
  6. RebeccaV

    got my letter

    I got my acceptance letter, so thrilled, I start this June : )
  7. RebeccaV

    Luzerne County Community College Experiences?

    I got in too!!! Congratulations! Im so excited, i didnt I was getting in my GPA is great but I did terrible on the DET, maybe Ill see you in the fall! What classes do you have now?
  8. RebeccaV

    Nervous about A&P I

    I was terrified going into A&P and it only got worse when I learned I had the hardest prof at my school. I got an A - but I worked my butt off. He didnt use the book, but I re-wrote lecture notes daily, multiple times to get the material into my skull. I had flashcards, but honestly they didn't help me. What helped me was re-writing material over and over and reading it aloud to myself.
  9. RebeccaV

    Just talked to a nurse- I feel so down & anxious

    dont get down - when you graduate the job market will be different than it is now anyway, a great deal also depends on the area - my area is in desperate need of nurses and they hire grads before they even take the nclex (obviously with a contract stating employment depends on passing) some areas have a nursing hiring freeze, you can always relocate if thats the case by you
  10. RebeccaV

    Luzerne CC LPN-to-RN program

    Im at LCCC now, and I pray getting into the nursing program for the fall. It is very challenging. It will only take 2 years, but because of that all information is crammed into a short period of time. I know a few LPNS at LCCC, attempting to get into the program, and didn't because they didn't have As in their A&P courses.
  11. RebeccaV

    which school for nursing; Wilkes or Misericordia?

    I am also at lccc, I am hoping to get into their program but also applied to Miseri - which is where I would suggest. A minimum 3.0 is required, and they look at how many pre-reqs you completed, they also look at your high school GPA, min. 3.0 and SAT scores. LCCC students get alot of help, they get a grant automatically, and are considered for tons of transfer scholarships. I wouldnt recommend Wilkes, the passing rates on the boards are very low, low to the point that they may lose funding and have to close the nursing program.
  12. RebeccaV

    Endocrine system help

    I loved the endocrine system... my teacher focused mostly on disorders, and if it came from hyper or hypo and what hormone triggered it, and what hormone would counter it. The endocrine system does so much, its really hard to summarize it, but I think the easiest way I learned it, was we took by gland, then looked at each hormone - what triggered its release, where the release came from, what its release regulated and then what hyper or hypo release would cause
  13. RebeccaV

    Immediate Advice, Please!

    I want to be an NP and Im 27 myself. So, I know I have years of school ahead and want to get it done asap, currently Im in a 2 year RN program, I plan to work a year or so, and three universities in my area offer a RN to MSN program with either CRNA or NP which takes only 2 years, Id suggest that if its an option
  14. RebeccaV

    Let the wait begin !

    I know, I dont get any of my grades until Tuesday, Im DYING!!!!
  15. RebeccaV

    penn state

    I am applying to both penn state worthington and LCCC for fall of 2011. I know LCCC's acceptance rates, and procedures since I go there currently, but cannot find anything on worthington's I was curious if anyone knew, or if anyone goes there. I have a 3.7 but Im still incredibly nervous about both programs.