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Japan needs nurses, STAT

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    Sounds like fun....sign me up! (NOT)
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    Quote from roser13
    Sounds like fun....sign me up! (NOT)

    LOLOL....My thoughts exactly!!
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    Can't need nurses that badly if they make it impossible to pass their exam. I try to avoid going places where I'm not welcomed. For some reason it never seems to work out. Go figure.
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    Japan is making pill-popping robots on wheels they don't need us.
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    Language would be a problem..... You have to learn the language
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    yes, the language is really a problem, plus the fact that Japanese people in general dont respond well to gaijins (foreigners.)
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    Sounds like racism is alive and well throughout the world . When the need becomes critical the Japanese will have to reconsider or their health care will suffer.
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    I honestly can't help myself but to say it:

    This article sounds an awful lot like a lot of the "nursing shortage" one's printed for here. Wonder if anyone went to some internet site that is the equivalent of Japan's "allnurses" if they would find post after post about how ridiculous the idea of there being a shortage is.

    This article mirrors the ones here perfectly. Talks about the general populations age etc.
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    I can't remember the article but I've read somewhere which has Japanese nurses saying that there is indeed a shortage but they discourage foreigners to apply. Foreigners who are fine with their low salary which will lead to the government not raising it.
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    If it was lucrative enough I might consider it, but there's also the 'not knowing the language' thing

    From what I remember in school it was Japanese (but may have been Korea) that their people value their elders in the highest regard, which would make my job very difficult (and sad watching people die slow and painful deaths) when keeping with the wishes of families to keep a dying loved one alive at all cost.

    Not saying that doesn't happen here, but watching this chips away at me little by little
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    How do you spell keneenisheewah?
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    Konichiwa, I think.

    In any case, I don't think I could do so well in Japan. The language requirement will be hard to pass.