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  1. betakurt

    Ortho travel?

    A fellow night shifter I presume? Haha... That's really what I wanted to hear. I'd like to become well-rounded like that, and there is no better way to learn IMO.
  2. betakurt

    Ortho travel?

    Thanks... My floor is a telemetry floor as well. Do you think that working on a specialized floor like I am will effect my ability to find travel jobs?
  3. betakurt

    Ortho travel?

    Hi, I currently work on an ortho/neuro floor in my first nursing job. Our patients are generally lumber, knee, and hip surgeries or CVAs/TIAs. I want to start travelling in a few months and would like to stick with what I know best. The workflow is similar to med/surg I assume, but the vast majority of my patients generally only fall into those few diagnoses I mentioned. I haven't seen either ortho or neuro listed on too many travel agency sites, and I was wondering if there are ever many opportunites for ortho or neuro travelling? Thanks.
  4. I want to work in a position that takes advantage of my RN license. I'll pay my dues doing whatever I need to out of the gate. My ultimate goal, however, isn't bedside care. I haven't really decided on one specialty that I want to do yet. I've only seen a handful of nursing areas while in school. OR jumped out at me. I enjoyed it. Med/surg and nursing homes, I did not. I like the technical aspects and the teamwork of the OR. There's too much "buck-passing" on the floor. I've had several instructors tell me that I would excel in the informatics field, and technology has always been something that comes very easily for me. I was always sought after in my IT jobs for my ability to explain complex computer concepts in layman's terms--which I assume would be somewhat beneficial in nursing informatics. I never finished an IT degree and that was very limiting in my previous career. I like that RNs have a lot of flexibility and job options/specialities. I didn't even know that informatics existed when I signed up for nursing school. But now it seems to be a good fit for my skill set--or will be with any necessary clinical experience.
  5. That's sort of what I was thinking. I'm going to try to shadow someone in informatics soon to try to get a better feel for it.
  6. I graduate in ten months with an ADN degree for a second career in nursing. My previous career was IT. I'd like to get some opinions on whether or not my IT experience (which is fairly extensive) would give me an advantage in getting an informatics position right out of school. Or would most informatics positions want clinical experience first, regardless of what I know about IT/IS? Also, if I could jump right into informatics, am I shooting myself in the foot, but not getting the first few years to hone clinical skills? Thanks.
  7. betakurt

    Mississippi Gulf Coast

    MGCCC is accredited. You are qualified to sit for the NCLEX (state boards) when you graduate.
  8. betakurt

    Anybody else catch this?... Glee Male nurse

    Stop the presses. It's a comedy show. They told a joke.
  9. betakurt

    It's all about who you know!

    So, if the OP knew some manager or "higher up" at the hospital she is trying to get on at, she would not speak to them about finding a job? I'm truly not trying to start a flame war here, but I have a hard time believing that anyone wouldn't use every possible resource to find a job--especially in this economy. Stand on that principle if you like, but I plan on doing all the networking I can while in NS to give myself an advantage. Like someone else said, if this new RN can't cut it, I'm sure she won't last anyway.
  10. betakurt

    Im in my final year- and incompetent.

    Well...for one thing, I don't believe any new grad on planet earth is going to come out on day one and be "like the nurses I see in the hospital". :) I'm in NS myself now, so take this with a grain of salt, but it's my understanding that you learn most of what you need to know while working.
  11. betakurt

    All electronics banned?

    Yeah...I agree. My program doesn't have a waiting list though. I guess that makes her the first one to bite the dust. I do think I've figured out why so many think that nursing teachers are out to "weed" people out: one...because they are. If you aren't mentally tough enough to put up with the stress of the assignments, you probably shouldn't be a nurse. Two...Every other (non-nursing) class I've had has spoon-fed you what you need to know. In my school at least, the teachers give you enough information to get your started, but it's up to you to learn a lot on your own through reading and lab practice.
  12. betakurt

    All electronics banned?

    Wow...this thread took off. I think one student has already quit the program over having her phone taken from her. The teachers told us nine different ways that they would take any phones that go off during class (a rule which I DO like). I think it was day one of week two (the first week they were giving warnings) when a phone was taken. Apparently she tried to go to campus security who sided with the nursing program. I didn't see the girl for the rest of the week.
  13. betakurt

    Peers critical of my new grad job choice

    Bravo! I'm happy for you! I just started NS a few weeks ago, and I'm already hearing Level I students talk about how they are only going to do this or that. I'll be happy with whatever I get two years from now or maybe the economy will recover between now and then, it'll be better for everyone.
  14. betakurt


    Most people just don't seem to realize that this recession affects everything. All hospitals in my area are on a hiring freeze or are laying off people. It doesn't matter if you are a new grad, or as the other person said, 30+ years of experience. Hell, you could probably have the cure for cancer and not get hired right now. It's not personal.
  15. betakurt

    All electronics banned?

    UPDATE: Apparently, enough people complained! We CAN have notebooks and recorders in lectures but not clinicals, which I completely understand for HIPPA. Yay!