New Grad positions, is anyone in WI hiring? - page 4

Hi, I am graduating from a BSN accelerated program in Green Bay and am looking to move preferrably to Madison. I am open to moving to Milwaukee or even central Wisconsin. It doesn't look like... Read More

  1. by   cindycin35
    Anyone work for Burlington Hospital in WI? If so, how do you like working there?
  2. by   Quickbeam
    To the job situation here in WI....not that great right now. Worse than the mini-glut in the early 1990's. Everyone and their brother is calling me wanting to know why their daughter/son can't find an RN job in WI. Like I know!

    We've had many career colleges open up and they are churning out so many ADNs. I have no idea where these people will get work here. I have friends with experience that have been looking for a year. Also, many many MSN/APNP friends who feel they have been sold a bill of goods on graduate education; not able to find jobs, going back to the floors.