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  1. Day to day operations haven't seen any changes. We are still doing our jobs, with no shortage of babies! Of course, we tend not to actually know what the future of the organization holds, but that is generally the way of things in any company. As of now, our NICU isn't going anywhere!
  2. Hey OP! If you are willing to relocate, please look at Marshfield, WI. Our St. Joseph's Children Hospital NICU hires new grads. We are a smaller 24 bed level III unit with many interesting cases. I was hired straight out of nursing school and have been there 4 years now. Don't get discouraged. It is possible! Best of luck!
  3. jcadler82

    Insurance between contracts

    I would ideally like to take a few weeks off between contracts to visit my family at home. What does one do for health insurance during this time? If you stay with the same agency, do they have some sort of extended coverage assuming you have contracted another job with them? Thanks in advance!
  4. jcadler82

    CNM Path after non-nursing Bachelors and JD

    If you are able to cover the cost of tuition (~$40,000), the University of WI-Oshkosh has a 12 month accelerated BSN program that is amazing. People from across the country attend as it is almost all online with only two on-campus sessions. It is an amazing program with all the clinical experience 1:1 preceptorships. Grads have no difficulty securing specialty positions right out of the program. I started working in a NICU right out of school almost 3 years ago and plan on pursuing my CMN through a similar online program like UofCinn, UofMN, or Frontier. Good luck!
  5. jcadler82

    Online CNM courses?

    University of Minnesota also has a mostly online DNP Midwifery program.
  6. jcadler82

    Babywearing in the NICU

    Hello all! I am looking to get some feedback from NICU nurses whose units support or educate their parents in babywearing, whether it be through the use of actual slings or through kangaroo care assistance devices like the Nuroo shirts. I am trying to put some research together to bring to my supervisor to start implementing it as part of our care so I'd love any and all input. We are not a private room NICU, so I'd especially love to hear any experiences from similar units. Thanks in advance! **I'm knowledgeable and experienced with proper safety and guidelines for babywearing OUTSIDE the NICU, so generalized cautionary tales are not necessary. I've been wearing my child for over a year and very involved with the babywearing community. Thank you!**
  7. jcadler82

    OB Nursing Residency Programs

    I live in WI, however, I am open to moving anywhere for the right position. I am currently in an accelerated BSN program and have over a 3.9 GPA. I don't know that I would be able to pay for another program because of the huge expense of the current program I'm doing which also has precepted clinicals. Thanks for your help!
  8. jcadler82

    OB Nursing Residency Programs

    Hello All! I'm hoping you all can point me in the right direction of some hospitals that provide a good nursing residency program with an OB focus. I will be graduating in October and would like to get started in the area I'm passionate about right away. It seems that the NR programs are the best way to accomplish that goal. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. jcadler82

    UW Oshkosh Accelerated Online (October 2011 cohort)

    Hey thanks Sarah, but I think actually what we need is a Group rather than a Page. A group allows us to better communicate, and it won't be open for the general public to see. I can go ahead and set one up if you want! Thanks! Jaime Adler
  10. jcadler82

    New Grad positions, is anyone in WI hiring?

    St. Joseph's Hospital (Ministry Health Care) in Marshfield, WI has a few full-time positions in Acute Care and OR that are open to new grads.
  11. jcadler82

    Why won't anyone hire new graduate nurses??!!?!?

    Check out Ministry Health Care...Marshfield has a few Acute Med/Surg positions that will accept new grad applications and also a FT OR position that says "new grads encouraged to apply" Good luck!
  12. jcadler82

    UW Oshkosh Accelerated Online (October 2011 cohort)

    Heathbar~ I don't currently live in LaCrosse, but I'm there a lot! Maybe around exam time I might find myself there and we can have a study group!! Are you guys on Facebook? I think we should start a group so we can all get to know each other. If you guys want to find me and request my friendship (Jaime Adler, the pic is me and my niece in front of a sewing machine), I will start and group and add us all to it. Let me know! Also-did any of you start Medical Terminology or Math for Meds yet? I started both and it's getting me pretty excited to start the program! Hope you are all well!! Jaime
  13. jcadler82

    UW Oshkosh Accelerated Online (October 2011 cohort)

    Hey Guys! As of right now, my plan is to shoot through to my DNP in Midwifery as quickly as possible! That being said, I am going into this program with an open mind and allow myself to experience and appreciate the beauty of each specialty as I come to it. I expect that God will give me a pretty good indication of where he wants me to be, as He's the one who aimed me toward nursing and got me in to this crazy competitive program in the first place! My interests other than L&D are OR, Trauma, and Transplant. I'm so excited to get going!! Jaime
  14. jcadler82

    dont know what to do now....

    Have you spoken to the professor, explained your situation, and asked if it is possible to do something to make up those points? Sometimes professors are willing to make exceptions if you are sincere and willing to do the work. It's worth a try! Good luck!
  15. jcadler82

    UW Oshkosh Accelerated Online (October 2011 cohort)

    Hi Sarah!! It's so exciting to meet people in the program! I'm going to be sending in my stuff tomorrow! I'm ready to get started! Jaime