Any hiring bias towards new male nurse 50 years old?

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    I am considering a career switch into Nursing. I have a great local Associates Program I could attend while still working part time and be done by about the age of 50.

    What I am wondering is if in the WI market, and most likely a small progressive rural hospital setting, is there any bias against (or for ) male nurses who are 'older' when they are starting?

    On the positive side, I am better than average as far as fitness goes, very positive attitude, get along great with almost everyone, etc... I have also ran a business in our town/county that is very well known with a great reputation for caring, service, etc..., but due to the economy we are not sure how long that can last. Meaning that whomever would be doing the hiring would likely be familiar if not with me personally, at least with the business, and in a good way. I also prefer to work with women at least as much as men.

    I am also the kind that is always looking to advance my skills/knowledge, and I think that would show in an interview too.

    So what are the thoughts/experiences with this?



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    Can't speak to your town but i graduated with a guy who had just turned 50 and he had two job offers when he, that was 2 more than most of us had. That being said its a very hard job market right now and it will depend on your specific area. GOod luck!!!
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    I've always found that men in nursing do very well, get all the job offers. In many places, it is consisdered an affirmative action hire to employ an RN that is male.
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    I have two male neighbors that graduated from nursing school in the past year. They are 45 and 47 years old. They have had no job offers as of yet.
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    Seems like you are concerned about two things - being male - and being 50. I can't speak about the gender part - but I was 42 when I received my degree. I found that employers like older applicants. They find them more mature and reliable.

    The downside is... that while you may "look" like you've been a nurse for many years - you haven't. People will assume you have knowledge that you don't. So - you will have to make every effort to make sure you are learning what you need - and to ask questions when you don't understand something.

    I work in Upstate NY... there are many male nurses here. Some hospitals actually have more male nurses than female ones.

    Good luck to you!
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    I am 48 year old male living in the New York area. I found no gender/age bias just an extremely tight market for new grads. That being said, I had 2 offers within a month or so of graduating. I chalk up my offers due to good networking that came from my years of experience. Most if not all of my fellow students who were not in a healthcare setting before graduation are still looking for jobs.
    Good Luck
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    My husband just graduated in May, was hired in June at a magnet hospital and he is 65. I graduated in 09 and most of my patients think I have been a nurse for a long time. Funny. Males are usually hired first.
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    There is bias for age and you basicly cant hide it. Though it is not on the employment application per se it will be on many other of the forms you have to fill out as well as you will get a personal interview. If nursing is really your objective though you should go for it. We allways need nurses dedicated to their field.
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    Men fresh out of RN programs seem to get the first jobs. Age makes no difference! Go for it!
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    I'm 51 and not a new grad. Can't say for sure why, but I can hardly get a hospital in the city to give me even the time of day. Might not be age, but I can't for the life of me figure out what else it could be since they've never seen me, nor checked my references.

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