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  1. ellen 12

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    Trump amazes me. I live in New Zealand. It amazes me that Trump is the so called " leader of the Free World". He is certainly not my leader.
  2. A friend visited ED cause he couldn't sleep.
  3. I work night shifts - night shifts are hard as you work against normal body clock. Working nights we have 3 staff on duty - morning shifts work with 15 staff. They can do the bathing. I will on occassion shower or bathe someone - through need - but I will not shower or bathe someone as a part of regular care. I'm too busy tending to the needs of 53 patients as a whole. I get on well with day staff - they're a great team. Management are a problem.
  4. ellen 12

    Is nursing really that bad?

    nurses need to vent - and there are more good moments -it's just the difficult moments are awfully threatening to ones career and vocation.
  5. ellen 12

    Failed Nclex-Rn... :(

    I'm sure this will be one glitch in a long career. Nursing is like that - - glitches crop up along the way.
  6. I'm a deep introvert - and I have always felt I would/ could be a good nurse - I know this from patients responses. But colleagues and managers aren't supportive - and this makes me anxious. First weeks of nursing school another student stated "oh you can't be shy and be a nurse". I don't think she made it through to be an RN.
  7. ellen 12

    LTC and loving it

    ^Thank you kind nurse.
  8. ellen 12

    LTC and loving it

    Thanks for you response crazyts :)
  9. ellen 12

    LTC and loving it

    i work in care of the aged. I get along with other staff, patients and families- but not management. This has made me just about unemployable because I tend to be a strong patient advocate and end up in aguments with management. I worry home care would not be interesting enough. I need to have a very medical role - assessment, wound care and end of life care. I love to care for the most frail in society. I am not really into long social chit chat situations. Do you think home care would suit me?
  10. ellen 12

    POLL LTC Nurses... please answer

    Timely application of palliative care. Recognising commencement of dying process. Autonomy of patients in aged care hospitals.
  11. ellen 12

    Moments that make you giggle....

    Finishing night duty and emptying a catheter bag into a jug at the bedside - Inky (hospital cat) came along and sniffed at the jug. I instinctively said - "no Inky - you can't drink that". As I stood up I glanced at the patient - who was smiling.
  12. ellen 12

    Death- your experiences

  13. ellen 12

    Death- your experiences

    I work in aged care with a hospice attached. I enjoy this type of work- maybe I am a bit desensitised. I like to ensure the patient is kept comfortable physically and emotionally throughout the dying process. I become upset when people die with distress - in my experience this shouldn't happen if people receive the right level of care. My dad died at 92 after a long history of CHF, He died peacefully, just the way he wanted. I don't think he would have appreciated the people who then took the measure of thumping on his chest and forcing air into his lungs in their effort to bring him back.
  14. ellen 12

    LTC and loving it

    Maybe the low status of aged care nurses relates to the general lack of status afforded to older people in society. I think it's interesting that hospice work is considered high status - whereas care of the dying elderly is right there on the bottom most rung. Both require a palliative approach. I work in aged care and I love it. I have the priviledge of caring for people who are extremely frail, with multiple diagnoses, incorporating medical and psychosocial -- most patients require palliative approach to care. The work has depth and is interesting --but there is need to understand and grasp the complexities of care.
  15. ellen 12

    Why do many nurses look down on LTC?

    Yes it happens. This attitude of placing oneself on a pedestal because of where one works reflects a lower level of intelligence. Working in aged care is too offer care at the end of peoples lives. Yet nurses who work in hospices are placed on a much higher rung than that of aged care nurses.
  16. ellen 12

    Why do many nurses look down on LTC?

    I have worked in both LTC and hospitals. I found hospital work to be boring and limited my ability to assess with any sort of complexity. I think the reason aged care nurses are looked down on - is related to the lack of status the aged have in our communities.

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