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  1. tildor

    Failed NCLEX RN 3 times, 2012

    I failed the nclex 2 times. I don't feel I will ever pass. The test is extremely hard...
  2. tildor

    WCCCD 2013 Nursing Applicants

    Hospitals and nursing homes now want experienced nurses. It is difficult to get experience if they don't want to hire new nurses. A few people did not pass the nclex.
  3. tildor

    WCCCD 2013 Nursing Applicants

    Wow darien!!!! That is really really really great and very surprising. Unfortunately everyone I know were not as fortunate. It has been a couple of years since we graduated and 3 of my friends are waitresses now. One of my friends just got a job at the casino. One of my friends is a realtor. I am currently working in car sales.
  4. tildor

    WCCCD 2013 Nursing Applicants

    Basically all the hospitals want you to have your bsn and 2 years experience or a minimum of 1 year.
  5. tildor

    WCCCD 2013 Nursing Applicants

    May not get a job after school. Good luck
  6. tildor

    OMG I PASSED 2nd time - I hope this will help others

    I never got the notes either

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