Starting WGU RN-MSN Education program 3/1/13

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    Anyone starting with me??

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    I might...still trying to beat back the apathy and burnout from nursing school. Good luck to you!
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    I'm 2 classes into this program if you wanna chat!
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    Quote from mclennan
    I'm 2 classes into this program if you wanna chat!
    I would love to hear from you!
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    I just completed my MSN (Education) at Western Governors University. It has been a very tedious road but it pays off. Hardwork truly pays off.
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    How long did it take you to complete? How was biochem, stats and nutrition?
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    I didn't do biochem, stats, and nutrition. It took me 15 months to do the BSN and MSN.
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    15 months is excellent!! I hope to do the BSN MSN in 18 months or less. I have had stats and nutrition but WGU changed the program so I have to retake them(and take their courses) and I need a biochem class too. Im hoping to power through!!
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    I'm finishing up my BSN on the path to the MSN. Just wanted to let you know that biochem and nutrition aren't to bad at all. The biochem had me scared so it was my first class. I was able to finish in 2 weeks. That's a lot of late nights and full days doing drawings and models...and of course watching the Thinkwell lectures, but I learned a lot and was really pleased with the class as a whole. Nutrition I gave myself a week, and that was completely doable. I work part-time and have 4 kids and this was in the they were all underfoot. I did buy a biochem model kit on Amazon which helped immensely with the 3-d models. Even had my kids help build them by handing me the oxygen or nitrogen molecule. You will do great in those classes, especially with your can-do attitude!! Best of luck!
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    Hello, I'm in the process of applying to the program. My application advisor was telling me that the program is two and half years to earn the BSN. Is that so?

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