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Destiny08 has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical-Surgical.

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  1. Destiny08

    Gwinnett Tech ADN 2018

    Congratulations Madison!! Good luck!!
  2. Destiny08

    Med Surg Certification

    Congratulations!!!! I want to take the CMSRN exam myself. Been a nurse 9 years now. I heard from other nurses that it's like taking NCLEX also. But looks good on your resume.
  3. Destiny08

    Kaplan review harder than rn nclex

    I took the Kaplan class years ago, I too felt it was hard. I passed my NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions. My advice to you is to continue doing the Kaplan tests, and read your rationale to every answer whether you get it right or wrong. Good luck!!!!
  4. Destiny08

    Terrified after taking the NCLEX

    I think every nurse can tell you that after taking the NCLEX, you won't have a good feeling about it. I'm sure you did great on it. 😊
  5. Destiny08

    Does this sound right?

    I start my first travel assisgnment next week. They offered me a tax free housing allowance of $500/week. Do anyone know if I would have to repay this money back on my taxes at the end of the year?
  6. Destiny08

    kindle fire

    Love my Kindle Fire. Had it since it first came out in November. Way cheaper than an ipad. I use mine to play games & surf the web & watch movies. My three daughters love it more than me:-)
  7. Destiny08


    I do have the Saunders 3rd & 4th Edition book. I recently bought the 4th Edition book. Thank you inland18mempire for letting me know about the Saunders book. I know it does take time to go through all the Saunders chapters. I don't think I have a problem with reading comprehension, I know a lot of people I talked to said that their grades were low when they did NCLEX questions (40s-50s), & they passed boards the first time. They said trying to answer nursing questions is very hard, that once you do so many of them you will be able to critically think. So I am just going to keep my faith in GOD, & not stress so much over it. Once again thank you.
  8. Destiny08


    Mrs. Suzanne, I'm not rushing through the posts to get 15. In the Saunders book I am only on chapter 19. I started Saunders last Monday. Last nite when I was at the grocery store I seen one of my friends that graduated from nursing school in 2006. She told me that when she did Saunders, her grade were very low also & that she did pass NCLEX on her first try. I have set Kaplan aside. It was not helping me. She said to do a lot of questions & do read the rationales & that will help you to critically think also. I just didn't want you to think that I was rushing to get my 15 posts so I could do your plan, because I'm not. NCLEX mean the world to me, it will provide bread & butter for my family, & that I wouldn't jeopardize!
  9. Destiny08

    Kaplan Lovers

    After reading the posts on Kaplan here I felt 100% better. I have been so depressed. I have been getting the following grades with Kaplan: Question Trainers 1-52% 2-61% 3-60% 4-53% 5-52% 6-64% QBank 55% 57% 58% 80% 54% 42% 62% 57% 50% 50% 62% On my diagnostic test I got a 62% & on the readiness test I got a 64%. And a lot of my friends told me to leave kaplan alone & try something different. Right now I am in the process of doing Saunders & to tell you the truth my grades aren't much better. I am hoping to do Suzanne's plan. The Kaplan instructor I had told me you need to get at least 70% on all the QTrainer & QBank tests. I figure my grades were ridiculous!
  10. Destiny08


    Hi FaithinGod2009, I am in the process of doing Kaplan now, you are so right. The first week you have an instructor going over the questions with you, then you are basically on your own after that. I graduated in December 08. I haven't taken my boards yet, waiting on my ATT. Anyway, I spoke with my Kaplan instructor & told her that I'm not making good grades on the practice tests, well she suggested that I go to another class, it's no Kaplan class close to me. The closest one is like 3 hours away I told her. I'm a new graduate, I don't have money to be driving 3 hours away to another Kaplan class I told her. So she suggested that I talk to my closest Kaplan center director. Well I called him & even sent him emails. He never returned them. So I am planning on doing Suzanne's plan. Right now I am going through all the chapters in the Saunders book & working on the questions at the end of the chapters. Right now my grades are averaging on the practice tests from 40%-60%. I know that is not good. I am trying to work on the test taking strategy also. Kaplan does offer a money back guarantee. Thank you & I will keep you in my prayers also. GOD answer prayers!!:wink2:
  11. Destiny08

    265 Questions...1 RN license =P

    Congratulations!!:yeah:Those were some kind words you said. Well said. I am in the process of preparing for my RN boards. I just gradauted in December. I am doing Saunders now preparing to do Suzanne's plan. Thanks again.:):wink2:
  12. Destiny08

    NCLEX-RN stopped at 79

    Congratulations! :yeah:I hope I pass mine when I take it. I am going to just stay positive. Again CONGRATULATIONS on your greatest accomplishment.:)
  13. Destiny08

    Passed RN Nclex in 75

  14. Destiny08

    hurst review

    I don't think it matters when you take the NCLEX. I had friends that took the NCLEX 3-4 months after graduating & they all passed on the first try. They all told me to take it when I am ready. I just graduated from nursing school in December 08, & haven't taken NCLEX yet. I haven't got my ATT yet. I hope to take mine at the end of March or sometime in April. I am going to do Suzanne's plan b4 I take mine. On Hurst Review, I had a friend who did Hurst & she loved it. I see some good reviews about Suzanne's plan, you should try her plan.
  15. Destiny08

    Worried about passing NCLEX after Kaplan due to low scores

    I'm in the same boat also. I have been getting in the 50%-60% range on questions. I even get 40% sometimes. I took the Kaplan Diagnostic test & got 62% & the readiness test I got 64%. On the Question Trainer tests I have been getting in the 50s & 60s, & on Qbank I get in the 50s & 60s. So I asked some people who took Kaplan what did they think about it. The majority of the people that did Kaplan told me that they didn't like it & they failed NCLEX the first time. Right now I am doing Saunders in hope to do Suzanne's plan. I don't have a good feeling about Kaplan & it won't hurt to try something different. At first I was so depressed, because I was scoring low on Kaplan tests & after joining allnurses.com I had some replies that told me everything will be alright. Right now I am just going to stay positive & try not to stress over it so much. I think it depends on how much time you devote to your study. I will be starting work on Monday, so maybe that can take my mind off of studying so hard all the time, I think it is true that you need to rest your brain so everyting can just sink in. Because CRAMMING does not work on NCLEX!!

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