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  1. NICU telephonic UR/CM with UHG

    How did your interview go? Was it just with HR or with the hiring manager? I've interviewed for a few positions with UHG and didn't find their interviews to be too difficult or scary.
  2. Interview

    I'm in the exact same boat as you, well actually you have more experience than I do in some ways. I've been a nurse for over 12 years as well. I started out in a peds clinic, then moved to a postpartum unit where I was cross-trained into the Special ...
  3. Aetna Case Management

    Perhaps applying for a license in a compact state would help? I'm not entirely sure how that works though. I know there is a buzz around that New York and Illinois are currently in legislation to join the compact. I think New York is kind of a big de...
  4. Hi, I think I can offer some insight. I recently interviewed with both HR and the hiring manager for a different positron. Sadly, I wasn't offered the position but the experience with interviewing with UHG was helpful. I didn't have the virtual inte...
  5. How best to get a foot in the door for CM?

    Thank you StayatHomeNurse. Those are all very doable tasks I can work on while job hunting as well. I will definitely work on them. The wonderful thing is I have free access to a lot of CEU thanks to my college so I'll definitely start joining some o...
  6. How best to get a foot in the door for CM?

    Thank you MBARNBSN. I think appreciate the insight you have given me as well as the direction. I appreciate the help.
  7. bsn-msn

    I finished my MSN in education in February. It was a wonderful experience. Lots of hard-work and dedication on my part. I'm not currently teaching or interested in doing so. I wanted my MSN and figured the teaching track was more on level for me as a...
  8. Graduation rate

    Txredapple hit the nail on the head. I didn't find WGU that difficult to do as long as I stayed on task. The minute I skewed from my study regimen the tougher time I had getting back on task. The role of the mentor helped because I had to own up to b...
  9. My student mentor didn't even know about the change so she kept telling me to wait for the email to schedule my over the phone oral. I finally contacted my capstone mentor who laid it all out for me. 😅
  10. You're doing great! I finally wrapped up my MSN in February and what a load off my mind! The oral was crazy funny. They don't do the phone calls anymore but instead you download some software and have to do a power point and talk while being recorded...
  11. Hello, I've read through these forums at great length, so I do apologize if my question is redundant, but I've not seen much info on how to get started in case management. I'm a nurse with 13 years experience. I also have my BSN and MSN. I have wor...
  12. LVN Telephonic Service Coordinator

    Should mention the link to the online chat is found on their careers page.
  13. LVN Telephonic Service Coordinator

    Hi, I don't work for UHG but I'm interested in them as well. I've been applying for jobs with them for over 8 years now and had my first interview a few weeks ago. Sadly, I wasn't offered the job. One thing I can recommend is every Wednesday from 10a...
  14. Contracted work with Medicaid

    I just happened across your thread. I know it is from April but I was curious how the position panned out for you and if it is a job they're recruiting for in different areas. Thanks!
  15. United Healthcare Telephonic Case Management

    Keep applying, but perhaps tweak your resume to really highlight your experience. Write a good cover letter that also highlights your past experience as a case manager and your telephonic skills. Do you have your BSN? I'm pretty sure if you don't, yo...