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  1. by   klone
    Quote from nextway55
    Correct me if my plan is unrealistic or not doable? Because right now my job pays me pretty low wage and I don't have savings to afford WGU tuition. fees. I was told that RN from ADN can earn an hourly pay about $25 in SoCal. Which is more than twice hourly pay I am earning.

    Any input will be appreciated. Thank you
    IMO, not unrealistic at all. That's what most people who do the RN-BSN program do. They get their ADN through a CC, then go on to get their BSN (usually while working an RN job).

    Feel free to start a new thread per the instructions, but I wanted to make sure you got your question answered.
  2. by   GozXamaica
    Klone: Ohhh. But of course. I'm in the wrong thread. I'm doing direct entry BSN. Ladies & gents you got your RN, you can get your BSN & MSN if you desire. Stay the course & all the best.
  3. by   Karin RN
    I have been accepted and will start 4/1/13 too! Very excited
  4. by   RN*mommy
    Quote from Karin RN
    I have been accepted and will start 4/1/13 too! Very excited
    Congratulations Karin and the best of luck to you! I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have!!
  5. by   afox
    goodstudentnowRN, Do you mind me asking how much time you spent (on average) per week on your studies?
  6. by   Reyval04
    (Destiny08)Hello, I'm new on here..reading how are the classes?im hopefully starting in June , just waiting for one class that I had appealed. How many credits are you doing?just curious...I have to take nursing classes only and a statistics class....
  7. by   Reyval04
    Quote from Karin RN
    I have been accepted and will start 4/1/13 too! Very excited
    Hi, just wanted to know how have the classes been so far?i will hopefully be starting in June. How many credits do u need to complete for bsn if u don't mind me asking
  8. by   Reyval04
    yay, my appeal went through....only have to take statistics class and remaining nursing core classes for BSN.So happy
  9. by   onmywaytomsn
    I finished my BSN in March, now I am waiting to begin my MSN July 1st. I can't wait to get started again. I am bored on the weekends now without tasks waiting for me. (Obviously my kids are grown, and my husband works a LOT of weekends). I worked 44 hours a week during the BSN and still had plenty of time to train for marathons and keep hubby happy.
  10. by   MommyandRN
    How is the WGU MSN program going for you all so far? I've been thinking about doing it for a while.
  11. by   skoolrn
    I turns out that my mentor gave me some wrong information. She did not tell me that the "U" classes were the BSN-MSN "bridge classes. She said they were part of the MSN. So I decided to skip around and put off those "U" classes and instead I finished 6 other MSN courses. Then my mentor resigns and I get a new mentor who gives me the correct info. So I can not petition for my BSN until I take those "U" classes. sigh... It doesn't really matter in the long run. I completed 33 CU's in 5 ish months, 18 were MSN. So Sept 1 I will start with those darn "U" classes (10 CU's) then petition for my BSN. Then keep going with my MSN. crazy.
  12. by   MommyandRN
    Sorry to hear that! Sounds confusing, but seems like you are doing well though. Good luck!
  13. by   IRISRN
    You have given me hope. I am in the exact same position. I am currently an Off Shift Nurse Manager, was a manager for a few years and never completed my degree, but with my children successfully independant I figure I could do 30 hours a week study.....How many hours did you give to study?
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