Not happy with WGU

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    well today i spoke with my admissions advisor and found out that the 3 weeks i crammed and the 260 dollars i paid for my pharmacology class was basically pointless. wgu has made it an upper division class. so i would have to take it again when i get accepted. not happy. also i was told if i apply and no clinical sites are available, it would take one year to get into the next clinical cohort ( they start a new cohort every 6 months and 6 months for the new cohort to catch up to where i’m at )again not happy. oh and that the program is 2 ½ years now …very unhappy and frustrated . anyone else get this info ??

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    I knew that they were talking about a program change, but I hadn't heard the 2 1/2 years part. I just started in February so not sure about anything. I'd submit your pharmacology class anyways and see what the transcript department does. Some classes that they said wouldn't transfer did so it's worth submitting. So far WGU has been a good experience for me. I'm assuming you are looking at the prelicensure program.
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    I am doing the prelicensure .. I submitted my pharm class, crossing my fingers.....i hope they don't change anything else the program is exactly what i need.....
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    I hope I get in this program. It seems like a good fit for me .
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    so happy ..i just got my eval and they accepted my pharm class..... glad i don't have to take it again .....
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    I am thinking about signing up for WGU. I am in California and I was wondering if you think that it is worth it? Are any of you planning to apply for a masters program after you get your BSN? That is the only thing I am concerned about because you can't get higher than a 3.0 gpa...
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    While i was doing my prereqs my admissions advisor told me that i need to take pharmacology class...i had an issue with that course because community colleges here in San Diego already started their semester and i'm aiming for the October cohort. My advisor also told me that the school doesn't offer pharmacology so this totally frustrated me. Then one day when we talked again, i told my advisor that i really can't get in to any class because my application is really late so i'll have to take pharm while in the program. My advisor told me that it's fine and they'll send my application to get reviewed, i was even told that pharm and nutrition serves as "brownie points"? or additional points for my application. I got admitted to the program and my new mentor helped me with the courses needed to be taken before clinicals, and one of the courses was pharm. i just didn't say anything anymore because i don't want to make a big deal out of it, "i got in" that's what matters now. But telling prospective students courses not being offered by WGU which they do offer is a bit of a mess. I was stressed for several months because of thinking too much LOL. If you don't have pharm just let them know because i took the course from WGU while in the program. The program is 2 1/2 years now, it's ok though. Right now i'm finishing up with one more class, we already had our interviews before clinicals on Sept.
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    I grew unhappier every time I talked to the advisors, and the 'requirements' changed on me. I never would have submitted my initial application and application fee had I been told the correct 'requirements' from the beginning. And I won't even start on the harassing nature of one of the advisors. I got fed up with being spoken to as if I was some twelve year old who needed to be scolded into doing their homework. I should have already graduated, had the advisors moved me along the way that they should have, but never did. Looks good on paper, or on the website, but in reality, a horse of a different color.
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    So sorry about your experience with WGU's advisors, have you tried contacting them to change your advisor? are you still applying at WGU or you're with another school now? students can refer you so you don't have to pay the application fee in case you would like to give it another shot. My personal experience with WGU is more acceptable compared to the other 2 universities here in San Diego, the first one was unacceptably disorganized they ended up being reviewed by BRN, the other one LOST my transcript!!! ---> I was so upset i emailed them with my frustration LOL transcripts are hard to get especially if it would be coming from a foreign school. Advisors can be misleading and uncooperative, but we also have the option to contact the manager/director of their department and ask for help. I did this at Mountain State University, i emailed the director asking her for help so i can start with my prereqs and the delay in communication is making it hard for me to start. After an hour I received calls and emails from 3 advisors and from there, i was able to get through all my required prereqs for WGU. Sometimes they just need a little push, but when I was done, i sent their office a bouquet of edible arrangements saying thanks for all their help.
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    I am not doing their pre-licensure program as I am already an RN but 2.5 years for a BSN doesn't sound bad to me! I spent 6 doing pre req's and my ASN program and will only spend 1 more year here to get my BSN. My advisor has been great, and I spent a lot of time looking up forums like this as well. I am sorry for those who have had a bad experience.

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