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  1. Theone40

    What to do?

    Thank you all for responding. ED it is :)
  2. Theone40

    What to do?

    I'm stuck, first a little background. I was of LVN who has worked in Juvenile probation group home for the past 5 years. I became an RN 3 months ago. Like all new grads I went on a few job interviews, one for ER observation at L.A. county hospital and one for L.A. county Juvenile Hall nurse. Well, this past Friday I got a call back from both and they would like to hire me. I don't know what to do. Juvenile hall would be the same flow and job as I've been doing for 5 years,(teenagers, psych meds) so there would be nothing new there. The ER would be a whole new environment. I'm a little afraid of failing in the ER. I can't seem to decide, any help would be appreciated.
  3. Theone40

    Kaiser New Grad West LA 2016 program

    anyone know when the next cohort starts? or where and when you can submit an application. Info on the Kaiser website is very generic.
  4. Theone40

    Chamberlain RN-BSN

    Chamberlain is one of my choices for BSN just wanted to know if its Hard? Easy? Teachers helpful? Work load light/heavy? lot of papers to write? (I'm a horrible at essays) I would love some feedback. Thanks in advance
  5. Anyone go through this program ? Hard? Easy? Teachers helpful? Work load? lot of papers to write? (I'm a horrible at essays) I would love some feedback. it would cost me 16000 which is comparable to other school i was looking at. I wasn't able to find much info on here for this specific program. Thanks in advance
  6. Theone40

    Uworld Hurst Kaplan!! Only one is a winner!!

    Also if you can get the Mark K audio lectures, they are gold....
  7. Ok heres my experience on passing NCLEX Kaplan sucks. I hated Kaplan, you need a semester just to remember all there tips and tricks, which i thought did not really help. The rationals and videos are horrible. I did about 50 question and decided that it wasen't for me. Hurst is good if you need content refresher. The fill in book was a lot to memorize for me so after doing the in class portion i didn't look at it again. In my opinion, if you wanna pass then UWORLD UWORLD UWORLD!!!! I could have sworn i had 4 question on NCLEX that were in the UWORLD test bank. The question are almost similar to NCLEX, the rationals are wonderful they tell you why its right and why the others are wrong. Best part of all Uworld is the cheapest..
  8. Theone40

    CA application disappeared!!

    Your Application is review, it will show back up on breeze system in about 1 to 2 days. Then another 1 to 2 days you will receive your ATT by email. Congrats :)
  9. Theone40


    @deadpool619 your app will show back up in 1-3 days then 2-3 days after you will get an email with your ATT.
  10. Theone40

    Passed NCLEX, 75 questions, 4th attempt

    I would also like if you send me your notes. I'm nervous about the NCLEX and your notes will help me tremendously. nickbrown2098@gmail.com
  11. Theone40

    NCLEX Prep in Los Angeles

    Anyone familiar with below mentioned NCLEX prep courses, or any that would be recommended? Would prefer in class than online. NCSBN Learning Extension: Home CPS Nursing Education Counsulting Institute Health Sciences Colleges Of California Global NCLEX Review Center LifeSavers Nursing Review - Pass With Us The First Time! http://www.rachellallen.com http://www.Kaplan.com
  12. Theone40

    West Coast University - BSN Program

    I am on the last semester of my community college ADN program and really wanted a BSN. Anyone know if WCU would transfer the classes from my ADN program and I would just continue ?
  13. Theone40

    Escalate to Dean ?

    Need some advice…I'll try and keep this short. My school requires 100% of dosage test to enter 4th semester, you get 2 chances. The first test was given three weeks prior to 3rd semester ended. I did not pass the first attempt by 3. For the second attempt I became sick and had a fever, but still went to take the test. I missed one question; my mind was in such a fog that I misread a roman numeral. I met with the chair and she explained that it is policy that after the second attempt you have to sit out the semester. I did not fight and accepted the fact that this is policy and producer and I screwed up. Later on in the week I took the student handbook out and decided to look up the policy. The policy states Students entering 4th semester will take the first dosage calculation test at the end of the previous semester. There will be an exam for med/surg and one for pediatrics. The passing scores are 100%. In the case of failure(less than 100%) the student will be given an opportunity to review the exam, remediate and take exam #2 no later than the first week of the new semester. Ok my argument is that they did not follow their own procedure of giving us the exam at the end of the semester, which would have given us time to study. Our student rep asked for us to take it after the semester had ended per policy and they said no. (all the other semesters got to take the 1st test after the semester was over) Also policy states that Students in the RN program must pass a dosage calculation medication administration test every semester. (see course syllabus for date ). We were never given the syllabus for 4th semester, the instructor just emailed us and told us the day of the test. The final reason I believe I should be fighting to take the test over again is that about 3 semester's ago a student was allowed to take the test for a 3rd time. This student was a favorite of theirs. I spoke with this student who told me how they worked with him to work around the policy and have him take it again. This to me was and is not fair. Today I met with the department chair again and brought up above mentioned points. She still did not budge so I asked to escalate to the Dean. Should I keep going or just give up?
  14. Theone40

    Dose calculations, new and old nurses.

    10.3 ml ....
  15. Theone40

    Would this be considered a med error?

    Thanks for the response. It was a test question that I was clarifying with a classmate and they were unsure as well. :)
  16. you have an order for Adderall 275mg, on had you have Adderall 100mg capsules, how many capsules would you give? If you do the math it comes out to 3 capsules. Wouldn't the extra amount of medication be consider a med error ? are you essentially prescribing by giving 3 capsules with the extra amount ? also wouldn't you call the provider to clarify ? Thanks