Uworld Hurst Kaplan!! Only one is a winner!!


Ok heres my experience on passing NCLEX

Kaplan sucks. I hated Kaplan, you need a semester just to remember all there tips and tricks, which i thought did not really help. The rationals and videos are horrible. I did about 50 question and decided that it wasen't for me.

Hurst is good if you need content refresher. The fill in book was a lot to memorize for me so after doing the in class portion i didn't look at it again.

In my opinion, if you wanna pass then UWORLD UWORLD UWORLD!!!! I could have sworn i had 4 question on NCLEX that were in the UWORLD test bank. The question are almost similar to NCLEX, the rationals are wonderful they tell you why its right and why the others are wrong. Best part of all Uworld is the cheapest..


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Also if you can get the Mark K audio lectures, they are gold....


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I agree that UWorld is amazing. But I wouldnt rely solely in it though. I would advise refreshing CONTENT on all subjects from review books, system by system.


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Hurst and UWorld for Content. Once you have those down, move to Kaplan Qbank for vagueness of questions similar to NCLEX.

Klimek Audios also.