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  1. Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Then why you keep replying to my posts?
  2. Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Oh my! Calling someone "hun" is bullying! Lay off whatever you're smoking!
  3. Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Again, I will never tolerate bullying and will always speak against it. Sorry, I was a victim once, never again. I am not a "soft target " for anyone on here or any other boards to get their sick jollys on, because oh, they "have more experience" and...
  4. Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Balance goes both ways, hun. I encourage and accept criticism, as that's the only way one will learn and improve their knowledge/skills, but I do not tolerate bullying and name calling . It's not going to happen. Sorry.
  5. Bullying online is NOT harmless

    I am a nurse and I also speak bluntly (as evidenced above). That being said, bullying should not be allowed not tolerated, in any field, and even more not tolerated in nursing, when we depend on one another , and have ppl's lives in our hands.
  6. Opinion on what to do next

    Go ahead and work in acute care, 3x12. It is a lot easier than you think, and the pay obviously is a lot better (differentials and all). You will have 4 days left to study/complete assignments! Good luck! ( You will do just fine!)
  7. Are all PCUs Critical Care?

    Are all PCUs (cardio, Neuro, multi system, surg) considered critical care?
  8. What keeps you going as a nurse?

    I love the science behind it, being active (I hate sedentary life) and the pay. I love that I can make a difference and earn a decent income at the same time, although I honestly think we should be paid a lot more than what we are.
  9. New nurse. What do I need?

    Make sure you bring enough food/soda with you (water is plenty available if you forget to bring your own. Also, hygienic products, meds you may need, extra scrubs, extra undies, deodorant ( you will stink by 8 hrs into your shift if you don't freshen...
  10. CA can happen at any age. Just recently a young girl died while on a transatlantic flight. But it's not just about cardiac arrest. What about them at least knowing the Heimlich maneuver, or first aid (how to stop a bleeding)? Adults are not always pr...
  11. Dr. told patient, "Nurses are STUPID".

    Ugh, why am I not surprised! Thank God not all HCPs are like that though.
  12. Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Those who put down posters, based on how long they have been on AN , or for any other reasons... Did it ever occur to you that people come here to vent/ask questions???most don't care to please trolls, they are here to communicate and get helpful fee...
  13. Being sued

    I am so sorry to hear that. That is why I RECOMMEND TO ALL NURSES, PLEASE , PURCHASE YOUR OWN INS!!!
  14. Bullying in nursing field does exist

    You just asked me to ignore you, yet you keep replying. Oh my. My response to bullying was to walk away in shock. Not ridicule. I have grown since then, and I won't take being beaten down, only because psychopaths need their kick. You asked me to i...
  15. Bullying in nursing field does exist

    I actually bought have learned from that, and I'm taking action. I won't tolerate bull ever again, whether in is school/work or online field. Read my previous posts. I won't be stepped on again.