Has anyone taken Biochem at WGU?

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    Hi, I'm applying for the RN-BSN program at WGU. I sent in all my transcripts waiting for them to be reviewed but I think I have to take Biochem because I've never taken it. I was just wondering if anyone took it through WGU and what they thought about it? I'm very nervous about taking a science with lab online. If anyone can give me information about it I would appreciate it. How does the lab work, etc? Is it very hard? I was wondering if it would be better to take it through WGU or try and take it at a community college instead? My local community college has "Intro to general, organic, and biochem." It's 4 credits, would that be accepted and/or am I better off taking it at WGU? Thanks.

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    Pretty much everyone who goes to WGU has to take Biochem. There is no lab for it - you just have to write a few papers and create powerpoints and design 3-D models (my husband used gummi fruit and toothpicks, and I used foam balls and dowels). There are five tasks total. It's challenging, but not impossible.

    My understanding is that WGU is making Biochem one of their required courses, so you may find that even if you take a similar class elsewhere, you may still have to take it through WGU. Since you're paying the same tuition anyway, you may as well take it through WGU.
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    I took it and yes it was CHALLENGING. Not impossible but challenging. There is no lab just papers, PowerPoints, and a couple of models and drawings. I would definitely take it through them. The key is to not over think it just follow the instructions. That was part of my problem and why it was so challenging for me was I kept making it harder than it really was.
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    I was very nervous about the biochem requirement when I started the program as well. As Klone said there's no lab associated with it, and that was good. I bit the bullet so to say and took it as my first class towards my BSN. It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of tasks to do and model drawing and/or designing took a lot of time, however I was able to do the class in about 2 weeks. I watched every lecture and took notes, and there were full weekend days when I just worked on models and such. It wasn't easy, but in the end I really learned a lot and enjoyed it. I felt, for me, it was an excellent intro to online learning.
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    Thank you everyone for your replies...I def feel a little better about the class lol.