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  1. momof3lv

    Baby RN's running ICU?!!

    This is becoming a huge problem at the hospital I work with. Well i see it becoming a problem soon. Apparently there must be some secret initiative by management to only hire new grads or very inexperienced nurses with less than one year experience into the critical care areas. I'm assuming it's based on budget as they are cheaper but we all know you get what you pay for. I perceive a perfect storm soon as new grads are precepting the new grads and most of the floors are run by nurses with very little experience and they have no one to turn to for guidance. The thing that pisses me off is that with four years experience I keep getting passed over by these new grads for the critical care positions. But I'm sure management doesn't care what a disaster they are making as long as it doesn't affect their yearly bonuses.
  2. momof3lv

    Travel nursing with a tiny house?

    I was just watching a show yesterday and though the same thing. How they think that is practical at 75 or so is beyond me.
  3. momof3lv

    Sick of night shift

    You don't want to work nights but don't want to work days either? What other options are there? Most of the non bedside positions are usually bankers hours which is a lot of the appeal for some people. Not me but to each their own. If you want to stay 3 12's than look for a day position in the hospital. It's still going to interfere with childcare but it seems more manageable than mon-fri. One of the reasons why I stay nights even though I would love a day position. It just doesn't work well with kid.
  4. momof3lv

    no reply from nurse manager

    I would try applying for a peds position at the hospital and then you can transfer to nicu when you get some experience. I use to work in pediatrics and while they do hire new grads at times, most of their positions came from internal applicants or people with nicu experience already.
  5. momof3lv

    Insight on Dilaudid?

    Oh you had the same patient as me. Lol
  6. momof3lv

    2 yr vs 4 yr RN...starting over

    I've heard, and this is just from people talking so not sure if it's totally reliable but supposing Ny is not hiring anyone who doesn't have a bsn anymore. Maybe someone in that area will have some more info. I would say though it might be easier to go ahead with the adn and than get into an online Rn- bsn program and crank it out really fast. If you have all your pre reqs and can get right into a program it might be faster.
  7. If that's what it says then yes it will count against you. I've seen some postings where they say less than 6 months experience. But one of the big residency programs here always says must have no paid nursing experience to be accepted.
  8. momof3lv

    Nurse/Doctor Friendships

    Huh!?!?? I'm not sure why this is a question unless there is more to it? Assuming you are pass the age where your parents are setting up play dates for you it is okay to be friends and hang out with who ever you want. Now if your talking about hooking up, even then if your both consenting adults, both singe and your doing it on your own time, it's still no ones business.
  9. momof3lv

    Job Shadow CRNA Las Vegas

    I know the surgery center with southwest medical uses crnas. I don't know any personally though. You do realize that there are no crna programs here though so you will have to move to another state if that is something you want to do.
  10. momof3lv

    No pain meds in ER??

    I've had patients tell me the iv acetaminophen worked better then the other iv pain meds they were getting. Yet we hardly ever use it. Go figure.
  11. momof3lv

    No pain meds in ER??

    This is the main problem. I think things need to be addressed with the prescribers. I get so annoyed when my patient has some minor pain complaint and the doc orders morphine as a first med. Seriously some dang Tylenol will work just fine or at the most some Tylenol #3. And it's usually not even because the patient requested it. We still way over use dilaudid in our er.
  12. momof3lv

    Unable to endorse my license

    California the state that won't accept excelsior grads but let's people who never go or finish nursing school to be lpns. Go figure.
  13. momof3lv

    MSN FNP 2016

    I'm starting in sept. Very nervous. Did you all have to have preceptors already lined up. My advisor is saying she can't enroll me until I set up my preceptors which is fine but then I see others posing how they don't anything set up a year into it. I have someone i want to do it but she is on maternity leave now so I can't have her fill out anything yet. Just wondering.
  14. momof3lv

    How much do you work on your days "off"?

    I don't hardly do any work stuff on my days off. Occasionally I will have to go in for an hour or two for training stuff or meetings but that is very rare. I work nights so I usually have enough downtime to do my computer training classes.
  15. momof3lv

    Non nurse to NP

    Why don't you look into becoming a PA instead of a NP? Seems like that would be a better route for someone with no nursing degree.