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I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and soon to be (January 2015) Nurse Midwifery student at the University of Cincinnati

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  1. References when appying for CNM school

    I had 1 OB who was supportive of midwifery in general and me becoming a midwife, 1 charge nurse, my unit supervisor, and 1 instructor from my previous degree.
  2. Univ. of Cincinnati online MSN

    I am currently in the program. There are 2 on campus clinical intensives the first one before your first semester of clinical and the second before you start your intrapartum clinical. I've been through the first one and it was 2 days and super hel...
  3. Now THAT'S a lab result

    All in OB or NICU Na: 99-alert and oriented x3 sitting up in bed brushing her hair after a shower. AST/ALT both over 5000 on 2 separate patients both lived Platelets: 19 -lived FSBS: 2 on a newborn-lived, FSBS: 1250 on 27wk preterm baby due to misca...
  4. If admitted to a CNM program(or graduated) what were your stats?

    I'm in the University of Cincinnati program and the requirement is a 3.0 in your last nursing degree and no GRE required :). I have another MSN in Nursing Education so that was the GPA they took, not my BSN (thank goodness because working nights and...
  5. Do you have an OB in the hospital 24/7?

    I work at a hospital that does have 24/7 laborist coverage, but this is fairly new (within the last 2 years). We did about 4300 deliveries last year which was the most in the state. The laborist is not a substitute for the patient's OB. We still co...
  6. University of Cincinnati Jan 2015

    I had to find a completely online program that was approved by my states Department of Higher Education leaving me only Georgetown and University of Cincinnati my choice initially came down to price, but now I am happy with my choice. I was super wo...
  7. University of Cincinnati Jan 2015

    So I have found 2 CNM's that have agreed to probably be my preceptors but they can't commit 100% this far in advance (I have a ton of WHNP options for the first semester of clinical I just needed to find CNM preceptors for the other 3 semesters of cl...
  8. University of Cincinnati Jan 2015

    I was accepted about 2 weeks after I had all of my stuff turned in but it was in early September way before the deadline. I was told that the earlier you apply the faster you hear back, and since the number of applications increase the closer to the...
  9. Self-contained unit

    None of us want do mandatory call but it works on a rotating schedule. There are 6 groups with approx. the same amount of nurses in each group one month group A picks first then B and so on and so forth. The next month group B would pick first and ...
  10. Self-contained unit

    I work on a closed unit (if we get pulled it is only to PP, Nsy, or NICU). It is fabulous knowing that I will never have to take care of a 90 year old man that has had a stroke. That being said our L&D is fairly busy for the area (about 300 del...
  11. Labor and Delivery nurses: can you scrub?

    All of our nurses are trained to scrub when on orientation. We all know how to do it but I like the previous poster am not a fan of scrubbing. I do it when necessary but I would rather labor 2 mag/pit patients without epidurals than scrub. :)
  12. University of Cincinnati Jan 2015

    I start in January 2015 too!!! I am super excited and ready to register for classes, get my books, and get started. Do you have preceptors picked out yet?? That has so far been the most stressful part. I can't get anyone to contact me back and th...
  13. How old were you/how long did it take?

    I am 24 and have just applied to Nurse Midwifery school to hopefully start in January 2015 (I'll be 25). I graduated high school at 18 then went straight into an ADN program got my RN at 20 finished my BSN at 22 finished my MSN-Nursing Education at ...
  14. Request for EPIC-Stork charting help

    My best advice is to add the shift and admission required docs columns into your patient list screen and when they turn green you've done everything required for the day. Also when admitting a patient go down the admission navigator from top to bott...
  15. Personal fertility issues a detriment in OB Nursing?

    Hello, I am currently going through fertility treatments to try and conceive and have been a L&D nurse for 2 years. I won't lie some days it is really, really hard to be sympathetic and caring. Especially when people come in whining and compla...