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Hi All, Has anyone taken any classes from Western Governers Universuty, the RN to BSN program? It looks like a great program, but the classes are not your tyoical pay per class style. They go by a 6 month period, you pay a fee... Read More

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    Quote from Lisa1980
    designer-mommy, it's not really a clinical they call it a pracitum. Basically, i have to search info maybe interview a couple people. I have to get the project approved by the course mentor then I write a APA style report on my findings. That is the clinical! No one looking over your shoulder or anything like that.

    purpledrop, not sure about chemistry. if you can afford it sure do it with WGU. Overall i disliked statistics no matter where I would of took it!!! : )
    Lisa 1980, I was planning to complete RN-BSN in 2 terms(or 1 year) I still don't understand how long do their (WGU') statistics or chem last? Is there a spesific amount of material I have to cover or number of papers to write or I can be ready in couple of weeks to take an exam(if they have it) ?
    I'd really appriciate an answer if someone knows what I mean. In terms of affordability- I can only do 2 terms at WGU(financially), but if chem and statistics can fit into one of them I'l go for it.

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    There is no clinical or practicum for the RN-BSN program.

    All of the classes are competency-based, even Stats and Chemistry. You have to show that you understand the material. This is done through papers or tests. I imagine each class is different as far as what is required.
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    After I finish the ADN program in which I'm currently enrolled, I'm seriously looking at attending this school for the RN-BSN or RN-MSN program, as I love the competency-based/test-out format.

    That said, does anyone know how WGU evaluates CLEP credit? I have obtained MANY college credits via CLEP. Would I have to retake WGU assessments for all of my CLEP credit or do they accept CLEP credit outright?

    Thanks in advance?
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    Hi, I just filled out the application last week to WGU and took my entrance assessment. Found out today that I passed all four parts. I am very excited. I do have one question that I can't seem to find an answer to and the admission office is closed until Monday. I have an ADN and the man I spoke to said all I should have to do is the nursing classes. I graduated in 1999 and I saw a few post that said my genral education classes wouldn't count if they were more than 5 years old, but I have not found this anywhere on their website. Also do you have to go to a testing center or have a web cam to take test?
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    Like with other schools, it is the science courses that can not be more than five years old. This is on the website, you just have to be able to find it.
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    Has anyone taken chemistry lately at WGU? If so what books did you need, I am starting on Sept 1st but wanted to get a leg up on reading since I haven't taken a chemistry class since highschool.
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    Quote from Caid

    I absolutely love WGU! I'm finishing up my statistics class and, although it's very challenging, I find that if I pace myself and do the homework assignments it's not all that bad. I was all set to go to University of Phoenix until the director of the ER/ICU where I work told me about WGU. She actually graduated from U of P but found out about WGU from the ICU lead nurse, who went to WGU and earned her BSN in 8 months. Of course, not everyone is going to go that fast, but you set your pace and if you have the time, you can finish a lot faster than what it would take if you were to go to a classroom setting university. WGU was started by 18 Governors and it's fully accredited. AND it's not for profit. U of P wanted 25,000 for a BSN degree.

    I started my first class in January of this year and expect to finish in December of this year or maybe January of next year. It will cost me a total of 7,500. It's well worth it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    did u have to take biochem? if so what books did you need. I don't start until sept but wanted to get ahead and start reading.
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    Fortunately, I took biochem many years ago and it transferred into WGU. You can always contact someone at the school to see if they know the required reading. Good luck, I'm sure you will do fine!

    Don Caid..
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    why two terms? Does it depend on how much you can do? Or do they break it down for you?
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    Your science classes have no age limit at Ohio University FYI

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