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Hi All, Has anyone taken any classes from Western Governers Universuty, the RN to BSN program? It looks like a great program, but the classes are not your tyoical pay per class style. They go by a 6 month period, you pay a fee... Read More

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    wow ..you're a busy busy mom!! If you can do it then I can too ! thanks ..I will be back from vacation from work and when I am settled in , I will start the program. Also besides the research papers, what about testing? Are we required to go to a location for testing on certain subjects? I think i read somewhere about a certain chemistry requirement ..I think biochem. I only did the general or intro to chem with lab that was required for our prereqs for the RN ..do u know anything about it? again thanks Cristy78 !!
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    I am a busy, busy mom but I love what I do! They waived biochem for me and the enrollment counselor I had told me most RN’s can have all the pre-reqs waived as “requirement met” because of previously taken courses. She was right I received a very generous transfer of credits!
    There are 2 or 3 courses in the MSN portion that need objective exams (similar to NCLEX style test) that require a testing center but if you live greater than 60 miles from one or just can’t go than WGU gives all students a free webcam so you can take the tests from home and their evaluation center can monitor you.
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    sounds great! thank you so much cristy78 for all the helpful information! Hope to still kit with you on this site when my program start =) good luck!
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    Quote from christy78
    I am currently in WGU’s RN-MSN program with the BSN option. I did tons of research and found this school to be the best choice for me. I applied and had been accepted with transcripts evaluated within 1 week. Tuition was discussed up front but I was also informed it wouldn’t be due until 30 days after start of program. I was very pleased with the enrollment counselor. Then came my personal mentor and I couldn’t be more happy! I started October 1st and haven’t slowed down yet. I also wanted to know "how" it worked before I signed up, so I will try to help-
    To answer a few questions from the previous post they do require all essays to be in APA format but give us many resources on how to do so. (webinars, websites, sample papers)
    They also give a huge transfer policy for pre-reqs basically all RN’s get a requirement met and are only required to complete the nursing portions of the RN-BSN or RN-MSN program.
    All BSN courses can be completed from your own computer. I know one class “organizational systems” says it is an objective exam but it is not I just turned it in November 2nd and it consisted of 2 essays. Only 2 or 3 MSN program classes have to be taken at a center, (local college or sylvan learning center) If you can't go to a center they send you a free webcam so it can be completed from home.
    All tasks consist of essays, power points, graphs, different projects to show you understand, once completed you submit them for evaluation and they come back within 3 days either labeled as “meets requirement” or “needs revision” (with an explanation of what needs revised)
    Each COS (course of study=class) Comes with a list of required learning resources (textbooks) that can be purchased anywhere to aide in completion of the required tasks for that COS. Each COS also has extra material available at no cost, FYI; I didn’t purchase text books for my first 2 classes and passed without any problems.
    The mandatory EWB class has to be taken by all students (it’s a review of how the college works) and they give 20 days to complete it. I did it in 2 days and started my first real class on day 3.
    For undergrad status (BSN) they place 12 credits on your list at a time and when you have completed those; then they add more. For the graduate(MSN) they place 8 credits at a time. For instance I started 10/1/2010 and it said;
    EWB required completion date 10/20/2010
    class #1 required completion 11/26
    class #2 require completion 12/30 and so on.
    Each class has a standard timeframe to complete it, BUT you move as fast as you want I certainly have!
    So since October 1st I have completed 3 courses and working on 4th (Yes, that’s a total of 13 credits so far!!) I will have my BSN in less than 6 months and working on my master’s
    Don't get me wrong it's hard work and takes devotion but anything worth having is worth working for!
    Good Luck! Please feel free to email me privately for any other WGU related questions.
    Are you still going to WGU? how is the grading system? do you get As, Bs, and all that? do you know if the program transfers somewhere else for FNP school?

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    I have been considering this also.

    Can anyone tell me how much it cost them to get their BSN through this program?

    Any scholarships that you found?

    Thanks very much for any info.
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    Yes, still in it! I am finishing up BSN portion this month and will start on MSN stuff. That’s a BSN in 4 months. I am not going to lie; it’s hard work and requires determination but anyone can do it if they want to. the grades are pass or fail and on the official transcript it states at the top all “pass” grades are equivalent to a traditional “B” all credits are issues as stated.
    I will be transferring to UTA for their post master’s FNP program and have checked with them multiple times and it will transfer just like any other MSN. I also have spoken to 2 other students that have already transferred to a FNP program and did not have any issues either.
    Hope that helps.
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    Congrats! How much did it end up costing you for the BSN portion?
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    What about statistics? Did you take that at WGU? How hard is it? Would you say the program is hard or requires a lot of time? I'm not sure what to do at this point. They are still waiting on my transcripts. The admission counselor has not been very good. So my initial impression has not been favorable. It's between WGU and Ohio Univ. Thanks for all the detailed info! I have a BS and ADN but it appears I will need some courses besides the nursing curriculum unless they are generous with credit transfers.
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    Cost is same for BSN and MSN, 3250.00 per semester (6months) and a 1 time 450.00 nursing fee with the first semester. Plus the cost of any books u may need. They tell u what books you will need and depending on how competent you are in that subject you decide which book/books to buy. I only bought 1 book (so far)and got it off half.com for 18.00 but others have needed to buy all recommended textbooks and will only buy from university which will cost hundreds, so it’s up to you what you want to spend.

    I did not have to take statistics it is not a required pre-req for WGU. Sorry you got such a bad enrollment counselor; mine was incredible. I think though that is what pushed me to this school if it had been an awful experience I might never have enrolled.
    They have a generous transfer policy. Check out the website.
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    Christy78, thank you for so much great information. I wish the enrollment counselor I'm dealing with would know as much. I'm pretty confident they told me I needed stats as there are a bunch of requirements to meet aside from nursing courses. I'll delve into this a bit further. Thanks for all your input. The meat and potatoes of a program is what we gain an understanding of on this site. You're a tremendous help!
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