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I completed the final oral defense for my MSN through WGU this morning. I also have my BSN from WGU. Completed RN-to-BSN in one, six month term, and the MSN in 11 months and five days (not that I'm counting!) Two degrees... Read More

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    Thanks yes I found out some other info regarding the prereqs.... I lot of ppl are using cleps and straighterline and I was told with the prelicensure program that we can't work ahead Bcus it is intense....... I too am nervous about the biochem

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    I know you cannot accelerate through the NURSING courses, but I think perhaps you misunderstood about the prereqs? Again, I am not familiar with that program - maybe you should start a thread asking for input from them. I think that would get a better response and information for you. Good luck!
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    Hi, I am looking to start either the RN-BSN or RN-MSN program soon. My ultimate goal is the MSN so I am thinking it will probably be that program. My main concern is with the hours required for the community health portion. How difficult was it to get the hours that they required while working full time?
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    The community health practicum is difficult BUT flexible. I did a project on immunization rates among homeschoolers - and my hours included going to immunization clinicals, MANY interviews with homeschoolers and community events. It is NOT having to spend 90 hours with a public health nurse. Very flexible - the course mentor is very helpful in suggesting things you can do for the required hours. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for the info! It sounds more reasonable now that I know it isn't 90 clinical hours with a public health nurse. Congrats on finishing your degree!
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    Well Done MaryCarney!!! Can you offer any insight on post masters FNP? Is it possible to use a WGU MSN and continue on, do you know of anyone attempting this? and at what institutions? Thank you
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    I have looked at a few programs like that and it seems the WGU degree would qualify you. The issues SOME people run into is the GPA. In a competency model, the gpa for ALL students demonstrating competency is 3.0. They explain it very well on the website. WGU bends over backwards to help their students and alums with this - going so far as to call other institutions and sending them detailed info about the program to help grads transition into these programs.
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    Good for you !! I just started and am a little overwhelmed with all the structured writing that is needed. Any advice is VERY MUCH appreciated !!! I'm behind already Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    WGUs programs are all VERY writing intensive. It is how they assess competency. My best advice is to use the grading rubric as the headings of your paper. Outline it with the headings and such before you start, then just fill in the headings.

    they are NOT looking for writing that 'flows' has smooth transitions and such. they are looking to see if you know the content. Period.

    Be aware that the COS is there to guide you, but you do not HAVE to do anything except the assessments. For example, if you are a manager and already have a knowledge base about financing and policy, you need only read over the COS to make sure you are competent in the areas addressed - then write the assessment.

    I had a couple of courses I was able to complete in a single weekend this way.

    My other advice is to do SOMETHING every day. Don't let a day pass without at least doing some reading. It's too easy for one day to turn into a week - and then you've lost traction and feel like you won't ever catch up.
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    Hello! I am supposed to start the RN-BSN at WGU on July 1st. I just received my 'degree plan' and oh wow..I should only have Biochem as a pre-req, but there are a gazillion classes listed! As in, like 70 comp units! All classes I have already taken I am so scared that they are going to try and make me repeat all these classes and not let me cancel enrollment if this is the case. It's almost as if they did not even LOOK at my transcripts! How do I appeal the transcript eval and also how do I cancel if I need to? I sent an email to my enrollment advisor, I am praying she answers me quickly because I am so anxious.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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