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  1. slow12

    Kaplan FNP

    I spoke with an NP student when the University was run by Kaplan. The NP is now working full time and has no complaints. I’m at Purdue Global just finishing up prerequisites for post-masters FNP. Tuition is $ 30-32,000 for post-masters FNP (not cheap, but less expensive than some). Needed to choose an online University for flexibility. Since I’m just taking the “PPP” can’t tell you if I’ll be prepared for the boards. What I can tell you is tech support is 24/7 and so helpful (I’m not tech savvy). They don’t make you feel inept. Every time I call for answers to questions I get a person that is VERY WILLING to help me succeed. I have not come in contact with anyone negative at the University. The instructors are very helpful, positive and want to help you succeed. I have taken classes at other Universities that were not online friendly. I wonder if Purdue purchased Kaplan so they wouldn’t have to go through the struggles of starting online classes? Seems like a well-oiled machine. Everyone has answers to your questions and appears to know and enjoy what they are doing. Again, just starting with Purdue. I’m in my second semester, but have no complaints. I’m sure I'll need a review class before I take the boards (but I think that would be with any University that I attended). Good luck in whatever you decide!
  2. slow12

    Purdue Global

    Anyone in post-masters FNP certificate with Purdue Global? Thoughts on tuition, program, flexibility, drop out rate, pass rate, receiving license (certification) to practice. Any info. appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. slow12

    Kaplan FNP

    Interested in Purdue Global. Have you started the program? If so what are your thoughts in relationship to cost and certification Thanks in advance
  4. slow12

    Online NP cert. program

    I hope this will help many! I am interested in an online NP cert. program. I have looked at many programs but would like to hear "real life experiences". Would you recommend the program that you completed? I would love to hear everyones experiences with the program that you attended, name of program, length, cost, and if instructors were helpful. Thank you for your help!!!
  5. slow12

    Post DNP nurse practitioner certificate

    Just wondering what post DNP, NP certificate program you decided on? I have a DNP and would like to know the options for NP. Most NP certificate programs still require 30-40 credits. Thanks in advance!
  6. slow12

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    What post masters FNP program are you in?
  7. slow12

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    I loved the self pace at WGU and am also interested in a cert NP program, any names and info are appreciated Thanks
  8. slow12

    Touro University Nevada NP Cert.

    Anyone in NP, Cert. Program at Touro University Nevada? Any thoughts?
  9. How is South University? I am seriously considering applying for cert. NP Does it take forever? Thanks Good Luck!
  10. slow12

    Starting Pre-Req’s at age 37

    Good luck, age is just a number! I'm sure there is a lot you will bring to your patients. Don't give up no matter how long it takes!!!!
  11. DNP in leadership, but thinking about getting my NP cert. Cost and time is an issue. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an NP program you can do at your own pace? Similar to WGU in the respect that you can complete the cert. fast/slow. Appreciate all suggestions. Thank you in Advance!
  12. Getting my DNP in leadership and thinking about acquiring a NP cert. All suggestions welcome
  13. slow12

    After DNP where to go to NP

    Up for suggestions, Anyone a DNP in leadership and then gained your NP? Advice appreciated
  14. slow12

    DNP before NP cert

    I am doing a similar thing First my DNP in leadership and then hope to enter NP Any thoughts on schools that work with DNP for NP?
  15. I just started the program and have questions Is there a way that I can get in touch with you ? Are you considering becoming a mentor?
  16. Is there an orientation online so you know where to go or how to start classes? Do you have a mentor that gets in contact with you?

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