New graduate ADN Moving to Seattle in August from Texas - page 2

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I am curently finishing my ADN at a commuity college her in Texas, my wife has acceptied a job (pharmacutical) in Seattle and as soon as school finished i wil be following her up there (I will have a TX licence and NCLEX in WA) I... Read More

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    Franciscan and multicare readily hire ADN grads. Swedish in issaquah is hiring. Heck, my hospital has openings, lol.Don't just talk to HR, but walk up on the floor and talk to management.Good luck!
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    Just finally graduated and passed NCLEX just waiting to get word back from WA for endorsement of my RN licence from TX. I think i am going to apply everywhere. We live in Capitol hill so i would REALLY like to get something at Swedish, VM, Polyclinic or anywhere on Pill Hill. It would be great to just walk to work. Also, I think as an added benefit i can ge to work even if weather is bad thats gona be my selling point