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  1. MrLVNtoRN

    New graduate ADN Moving to Seattle in August from Texas

    Just finally graduated and passed NCLEX just waiting to get word back from WA for endorsement of my RN licence from TX. I think i am going to apply everywhere. We live in Capitol hill so i would REALLY like to get something at Swedish, VM, Polyclinic or anywhere on Pill Hill. It would be great to just walk to work. Also, I think as an added benefit i can ge to work even if weather is bad thats gona be my selling point https://www.facebook.com/SeattleNurse
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback, I am in Seattle now and i guess I'll go with who ever hires me. By chance anyone know what the ave hourly wage is for new grads?? https://www.facebook.com/SeattleNurse
  3. MrLVNtoRN

    seattle rn positions

    I have just started my job search also i am ADN who just graduated. Hopefully I can find something also. I am applying to all hospitals in the Seattle area . Everyone whao has posted, any jobs yet??? https://www.facebook.com/SeattleNurse
  4. Just finished reading our thread..... I am currious what did you end up doing. I am kinda in the same situation but i am married and we MOVED here to Seattle and been here 2 months and LOVE IT. It is defanatley more expensive than Texas, recently i graduated and passed NCLEX. I am currently looking for a job in Seattle, I am on week 2 so hopefully somting mighy come up. I was tring to look for a group for local nurses in Seattle on FB but was not able to find a group so i created one https://www.facebook.com/SeattleNurse if your intreated, cool if not thats cool too. So please let me know what happend.
  5. MrLVNtoRN

    Seattle New Grad jobs easy to find--true?

    Hey, Just coming acreoss this thread i am actually looking for a job in the Seattle area, I am also a recent grad. I noticed that there are no groups for Seattle nurses on FB so I made one of those also. I will keep you posted on my job search. https://www.facebook.com/SeattleNurse
  6. MrLVNtoRN

    New graduate ADN Moving to Seattle in August from Texas

    Ok great I really appreciate all the feedback.
  7. Maybe someone can shed some light on this, but i cant seem to understand clearly if i have to join a union or not. Ok, so I will be moving from Texas to Seattle in Aug, and when i license and start looking for a job will i have to be affiliated with a union or not? In Texas we do not have much information about unions and just wanted to know if that the norm in Wa. If its an option, what would be some of the pros and cons of joining a union (or not joining). Thanks again.
  8. I am curently finishing my ADN at a commuity college her in Texas, my wife has acceptied a job (pharmacutical) in Seattle and as soon as school finished i wil be following her up there (I will have a TX licence and NCLEX in WA) I have a couple of questions... How long does it usually take to get endorsment for the state of Washington. I am thinking i will prob just get an odd job till i can get my licencing to practice in WA. After I have read in a few news groups of places that will hire new grads, but what is pay like? Any tips of tricks or info that i might need to know as a new WA nurse or just a resident would be gladly appreciated. I know this is a ways off but i am tring to prepare ahead. Thanks for any input.
  9. MrLVNtoRN

    San Antonio College Mobility Program LVN to RN

    I was wondering if you are taking Summer courses also? I am in the Mobility program also and we have the opportunity to go thru the summer, 5 weeks pedi 5 weeks OB and 10 weeks transitions to mgmt (or something like that). I have heard that only 50 percent of the summer students make it out alive (pass) any advice on this or know anyone that did this?
  10. MrLVNtoRN

    Best review book with CD-Rom for Mac?

    Yeppp, I am in the same boat, I have been looking for a while now and just cant decide which is the most useful. I think i may go with Pearson, after all they are the company that makes NCLEX. This is the book/CD i am thinking of getting. NCLEX-RN Exam Prep, 2/E Wilda Rinehart Diann Sloan Clara Hurd ISBN-10: 0789745275
  11. MrLVNtoRN

    San Antonio College Mobility Program LVN to RN

    Ok great that makes things clear and all of what you said really makes sense! Thanks again for the info! :up::up::stdnrsrck:
  12. MrLVNtoRN

    San Antonio College LVN-RN 2011

    Just got accepted to San Antonio College LVN RN program (jan 2011) just want to see who else made it?
  13. MrLVNtoRN

    San Antonio College LVN TO RN Program

    I graduated in August from Baptist from the LVN program, I decided to apply to the LVN to rn program at SAC and got in. I applied to the RN program before going to to the LVN program and was not accepted. I have low Chem and Micro gradeas and I think that was the reason i did not get accepted. I did exceptionally well in my LVN program graduating with a 3.4 i guessed that helped. So apply see what happens, the worse that they can say is no.
  14. MrLVNtoRN

    San Antonio College Mobility Program LVN to RN

    I agree, I just got accepted i am just a licensed as a LVN. I am really excited to start Jan 11, I agree about applying any way, did not do well in my science courses © and did not get accepted the first time. I did LVN program at Baptist and and did VERY well then applied and GOT IN! So I agree the worse thay can say is no.