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    New lpn graduates hiring

    I am a new LPN graduate and have been looking for a job for two months and was wondering whether any of you guys know of places which are hiring new graduates in King and Pierce county.
  2. I moved from South Carolina in November last year. I applied for endorsement before I left S.C. but after I got here (WA) I got back my endorsement forms cause I had forgotten to sign one page. I signed and mailed it back and received the FBI fingerprint card. I went to a state fingerprinting place which did not tell me they did not do the Department of Health fingerprints and after lining up for about 30 minutes I paid for the prints and had them done. I gave them the FBI fingerprinting card but they decided to use their own and said it was okay. I sent it to Department of Health and after several weeks had it returned to me with instructions to do it on the enclosed FBI card. I went back to the same place I had done them and that is when they asked me what I was having them done for (a question they should have asked me the first time before taking my money). When I told them it was for a nursing license, they told me they did not do the Department of Health ones and gave me names of people who do those. I went and had them done the next day and that is more than three weeks ago and I still have a temporary permit and "pending" under my name on the WA state dept of health website. I have been applying for jobs but every time the employer sees the "pending" and "temporary permit and not renewable", they don't bother calling me back.
  3. Thanks again. I appreciate all the info CCL RN.
  4. Thanks again CCL RN for the info. So what you are saying is that all I need to do is contact Washington State (the state I am moving to) and not my board here in S.C.? If that is the case then I shall contact the Department of Health (WA) by phone for more details.
  5. Thanks again CCL. I went to the website and there were several options but i assumed the right paperwork is the endorsement form. So after i download the endorsement form, do i send it to my current nursing board (where my license is from) or do i send it to Washington state (where i am seeking the license from)? What does my current state do verify and then send it to Washington to issue me with a WA license? I am sorry for asking too many questions but i could not find info on these questions on the site.
  6. Thanks CCL RN. I shall check it out.
  7. I just passed my NCLEX and my LPN license is for South Carolina. How do I go about changing it to a Washington State one where I am planning to work.


    Hey y'all, I was glad to come across this thread cause I have been wanting to know what views you guys have about the question of whether RN program is easier than the LPN. I have another question and would appreciate if someone could tell me whether RN pre-requisites are harder than LPN ones. What is included in the RN pre-requisites? Is it subjects like microbiology and is there a lot of chemistry done? Please someone tell me. Thank you for your replies.

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    Thanks vintagestudent. Good to know I am not the only one who cried though I cried for a different reason - being made to repeat every lab check-off. Thanks for your encouragement and I will keep you informed as I go on. True, the instructors do not coddle us but appear unsympathetic when you fail a test. I wish they would be more encouraging and act more human. Anybody else with such an experience - having to redo the check-offs, crying and dealing with "cold" instructors who seem so ready to fail us? Let me hear your views and I will continue keeping you informed how it is going.
  10. HULIYO

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    Hey y"all, Congratulations to all of you who are finishing the program. Could someone share with me how their program was? I just finished my first semester and I had many days of crying and very very high BP (though I never had a problem with BP before this). I failed almost alll of my skills and had to retake them even the easiest ones. You are taught for a few minutes and expected to know them and well. I did not do too bad in my class tests though. Did any of you have the same experience all you all did very well in your tests. I tried to find out (before I joined the nursing program) from the thread started my pre-LPN students who were eager to share with each other how their first day, semester was but once they started, they never came back even though I kept posting questions to find out who their classes were going. I will really appreciate if someone can come back to me and let me know whether they had ups and downs in their program or is it just me. Thank you for your replies.
  11. I am still waiting for somebody to tell me how their first weeks in NS were. I know some of you have mentioned that there was too much information all at once and also exams like immediately after but I need to know more information like stories one hears about instructors being mean and dropping as many students as they can. I have heard of classes starting with about 50 students and then half of them being dropped so the school can have just like 20 students after the other 25 students have bought books and everything needed, only to be dropped. I have also heard of students being dropped at their last semesters. I do not know the reasons this happens but I am curious as to why. Do medical students and students in other careers get dropped as easily as nursing students are? I would also like someone to advise me on what fundamental of nursing book i can read before we get a list of books we can buy when i start school in two weeks. I will appreciate any information from anyone on any tips before i start school.
  12. Those of you who have already started cause i see some were starting in March/April could you please tell us how your first semester or first days went and what you did in the program. I would really appreciate cause I am starting in August.
  13. HULIYO

    Second Chance at Nursing School

    What is academic probation and how did you get it if you did well enough to become an LPN?
  14. HULIYO

    I finally got accepted today!!!!

    Congratulations. I just got accepted too and I am looking for info on what LPN classes are all about. For example the first semester, we shall be doing PRN 110 Fundamentals of Nursing, PNR 120 Medical Surgical Nursing and BIO 210. Any advice from anybody will be appreciated about what these courses are and what I should do so I don't get droped out cause I hear most schools (ours included) drop half the class out and some students have been dropped out in their last semesters. Anybody knows of websites with these courses so i can have an headstart before school starts in fall?
  15. HULIYO

    TEAS Exam

    Hi all, Thanks again for all you replies. What I am trying to say is that I am just now applying for the nursing program and the pre-requisites are done with the program once you are in it so I have not done any anatomy, physciology or any of that stuff but I am taking math, english and computers (mini classes) while waiting to join my school's nursing programe. The problem I have is I never took any sciences in high school and even though your explanation is good, I wish I knew what you are talking about but because I never did any sciences, I do not understand that beautiful explanation of the thingies. Any way I will have to purchase the ATI study guide and their practice test though it is really costly. Any idea where I can get a used one? I googled TEAS study guide and came across a book called "Secrets of the TEAS Exam Study Guide" by Morrison Media. It is like 36 dollars and I am wondering whether any of you have bought one. If anybody is selling their study guide or knows where I can get a used one, please let me know.
  16. HULIYO

    TEAS Exam

    Thanks beejaycee. I will check out those DVDs at our local library. Right now I have only done college math, english and cpt. I have not done the other pre-reqs like anatomy and physiciology and so have no idea on any sciences. I do not know why we are expected to do something you have not been taught and which you will be taught later in the program. I appreciate everybody's replies here and I will look into these resources.