Georgetown University Hospital Open House

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    I'm a soon to be new-december BSN grad... I've been talking to a recruiter at GUH who seems great and am planning on coming to the all day open house/ interview on October 25th.. Anyone done this all day open house/ interview before.. Any advice or information about the day or the hospital for a new grad would be greatly appreciated

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    Can't help you but I was just looking at that on their website today so please post an update afterwards and let us know how it goes!! I graduate Dec 09 so I'll be going to an open house next year.
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    I am also a soon to be nurse graduate and will be going to the open house on the 25th. Nice to know someone else that will be going. I was also wondering the same specially since I am actually going travel from Puerto Rico to DC. Well i guess were going to have to hope for the best! See you there!
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    Georgetown has a terrific team of recruiters, they certainly did everything they could to make my transition here seamless. I went to the new grad day a year and a half ago, and sure am glad I decided to stay at Georgetown. Just remember to ask questions when you interview with managers to find the unit that is the best fit. Also don't be afraid to ask for more interviews - when the floor I was looking at seemed not to have many open spots, the manager suggested another floor to me which turned out to be the best option. I seem to remember that floors like L&D had some 50 people interviewing, while the stepdown unit I ended up on had two of us.
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    I was just wondering if either one of you would like to share some details about the open house. Very interested!
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    From what i can remember, they have a really nice catered breakfast. The director for nursing gives a speech. you are sitted according to your first choice of where you wanted to work. the people who are interviewing you sit with you to try and get to know you better. Then you are split up according to where you are to interview. The floors have RNs that will talk to you about that particular unit while waiting for an interview. You are also given an opportunity to go inteview with you other choices. I was offered a job in one unit on the spot..and the other unit, i had to wait for a few days.. It's a nice place to work..for the most part...
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    that sounds exciting!!! It would be great to go to an open house and be offered a job. What type of questions did they ask in the interview, "what if ?s". How exactly did you sign up for the open house? Do you have to contact the nurse recruiter or can you just sign up on the webiste? I graduate in May and I am trying to figure out my plan of attack to land a job in DC. ANy tips or advice would be so helpful!
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    Hi everyone,

    I graduate in December and am looking to land a job at Georgetown after graduating. Does anyone have a website or any information on the New Grad Day at Georgetown in October? I haven't been able to find any info and haven't been able to get ahold of Nurse Recruitment! Thanks so much!!!!!
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    How do I Sign up to attend this open house/interview day at GUH, I can't find anything about it online. Thank you so much!
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    Call nurse recruitment at GUH

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