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  1. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    Preparing for boards 2014

    I took boards earlier this month and passed in 100. Regarding preparation, I gave myself ~3 weeks to prepare, I completed Prodigy's weekly lessons and 10/14 simulation exams. I took one of the CC practice exams and their equipment exam. Also, I went to the Valley review course, read sweat book and read what I thought was pertinent topics in MM e.g., CV, peds, OB, Geri, equipment, regional, etc. Ultimately, boards wasn't that bad. I really think it's awful simply because of all the hype that surrounds it i.e., cost of anesthesia education, can't work until I pass in most states, stigma from not passing, etc. I read a letter that another program director wrote to their students and it really helped me stay calm while studying. In that letter, it read that the test is not difficult, but studying for the test is difficult. I agree with that statement. Anyway, stay focused and keep studying, but ultimately, you just got to suck it up, schedule the test date and go for it. Good luck!
  2. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    VCU's combined MSNA/DNAP program

    It's difficult to specify how much additional time is required by adding the practice doctorate while still pursuing the MSNA. It ebbs and flows based upon workload e.g., are discussion posts due or is a 10-20 page paper due? Ultimately, it's manageable. Regarding the clinical component, there is no semester replaced with a DNAP class. Still required to meet and hopefully, exceed minimum requirements for cases, surgery types, etc. If it appears that way on some website then it’s probably just a way classes are coded with the school registrar. We started in the clinical arena our second semester and didn’t stop until graduation six semesters later. Good luck with applications.
  3. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    Can CRNAs teach?

    If a preference exists, I don't have the experience to advise you whether or not a CRNA program prefers a PhD or a clinical doctorate, however. In my CRNA program, I'm being taught by faculty members that hold a PhD, DNAP or those that are MSNA degree holders currently seeking a terminal degree. In my opinion, I think opportunities will exist for you as long as you stay open and are always positioning yourself to take that next step in your career.
  4. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    Job Hunt

    Why is FL a state to avoid for the practicing CRNA?
  5. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    UCF Fall 2011 Hopefuls

    The program is manageable. It's difficult because there's a lot of material and it's impossible to learn it all. You'll have to prioritize and develop/enhance time management skills. I remember the first week of class the instructors had assigned a combined reading of approximately 400 pages (impossible for me to read that many pages of nursing textbooks in five days). The takeaway is to work smarter not harder. Nursing school exams don't test to memorization. They test your critical thinking skills. According to one professor, most questions fall within the application and analysis with a few more difficult (syn and eval) of Bloom's Taxonomy. For the most part, the instructors were great. I think there was one instructor who left a lot to be desired, but that's it.
  6. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    UCF Fall 2011 Hopefuls

    Good luck to you all. I graduated UCF's accelerated program August 2009 then went to work in the SICU at an academic hospital in the Mid-Atlantic region. The education that you receive there is on par with very well known private and pedigree universities in the Northeast being that everyone I started with graduated from one. Anyway, good luck. I remember the anxiety surrounding applying to nursing school and I just went through it again with anesthesia school. Keep your heads up. It'll all work out.
  7. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    Job Hunt

    I'm entering anesthesia school in the Fall and I'm pinging the waters to find out how the job hunt is going for those students looking right now.
  8. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    AA student contemplating CRNA track...advice?

    Interesting situation. If your goal is to become an anesthesia provider then go to AA school. My reasoning is simple: you're guaranteed a spot right now and there's no telling what will happen if you let that opportunity pass you by. The AA profession is the newest kid on the block, but more than likely, additional states will allow AA to practice within them. Also, if you do the math then you may end up being closer to 30 when you're entering the OR as a practicing CRNA.
  9. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    2011 Nurse Anesthesia Rankings

    Here you go. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/nurse-anesthesia-rankings
  10. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    Preferred Critical Care Spec. prior to CRNA

    On Duke's website under the FAQ section, they address a question similar to the one in your original posting. Do you prefer specific areas of critical care experience? You must have a minimum of one year (two years preferred) current, continuous full-time acute care experience as a registered nurse in a critical care setting that offers the applicant an opportunity to develop as an independent decision-maker capable of using and interpreting advanced monitoring techniques based on their knowledge of physiological and pharmacological principles. Adult acute care experience offering on interpretation and use of advanced monitoring, care of ventilated patients, pharmacologic hemodynamic management, and independent decision making is preferred. CCRN certification is strongly encouraged. Experience areas preferred include: Surgical Intensive Care Medical Intensive Care Cardiac Intensive Care Neuro Intensive Care Pediatric or Neonatal Intensive Care Personally, I have a couple of years experience in the SICU and for the application process, I felt comfortable answering the majority of questions. Regardless, good luck with your applications.
  11. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    VCU Roll Call

    Actually, I was part of that interview session. Coming from D.C. (Georgetown).
  12. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    VCU Roll Call

    Anyone else accepted to VCU? :)
  13. OrlandoFLNurse2b


    Actually, I didn't attend. However, I'm going to go this upcoming summer. I was accepted to anesthesia school so I think it'll be beneficial to go before next Fall.
  14. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    Anesthesiologists being replaced by CRNAs???

    Unfortunately, you're side of the discussion is based upon opinion. Support your opinion with evidence; otherwise, you're doing yourself and if you're a physician, your chosen profession a disservice. If you're not a physician than you must be really bored.
  15. OrlandoFLNurse2b

    University of Maryland and UMDNJ interview wait.

    How was your VCU interview?