Anyone ever join a medical mission trip?!

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    Hello. I'm not sure where to post this-but I will be going on a 3 week medical/nursing mission trip to the Himalayan region of Northwestern India/Tibet border next summer and am very excited as I have never done anything like this before. We will be traveling to numerous remote villages in the area, setting up 1-2 day medical clinics and treating the people who come to our clinics. I'm also a little nervous since I have never done this before and don't know anyone who is going, but I really want to do this and am excited! Has anyone gone on a medical mission trip before? Where did you go and what did you do there? Hope to hear from all of you! Thanks. Oh, and the trip is just 2 days after I graduate from my NP program too! It's going to be a very busy time of year for me.

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    Haven't done this but have harbored the desire for quite a long time. A co-worker and I talked about this several years ago. Afraid that it won't be possible as I'm getting along in years and can't seem to get in a position to make such a journey. Hope you hear from people who have done this and that your trip is rewarding and safe.
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    That is so exciting! I am envious! I am a world traveler, but have never done it in a nursing capacity. Always as a backpacker, or teaching in Korea. Now I am in nursing school and plan to do some mission trips after a few years of experience. Good luck to you! This will be life-changing. And so helpful for those communities. Be safe and enjoy!

    Best wishes!! (I'd love to hear the report when you return!)

    By the way, CONGRATS on your NP school completion!
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    I have gone on medical mission trips to Haiti & to Romania, and my sister, also a nurse, goes to Haiti on medical mission trips regularly. It is a life-changing experience- makes you realize how much we take for granted here in the U.S. I spent most of my time in Haiti giving out medications & cleaning wounds, also got to do a little IV therapy. In Romania, I mostly gave vaccines & did well-child exams on children in orphanages.
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    I went on a medical mission trip this past summer to southern Mexico. It was a life-changing, eye opening experience for all involved. I think my next trip will be somewhere in South America, and then after my daughter graduates from highschool I will venture further and possibly go to Africa or somewhere in Europe.

    I'm still a nursing student, but I was able to provide support to the MDs and NPs, as well as given injections, work in our triage unit, and fill prescriptions.

    Good luck and have fun planning!! I'm just starting to research the various organizations for my summer trip. :spin:
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    The closest thing I've done to a medical mission trip was to go to Louisiana for 3 weeks after Katrina with the Red Cross. I was the charge nurse in a huge shelter. That experience is one that I will never forget.

    Good luck as you make your preparations, and we want to see pictures when you return.
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    I am a current nursing student and very interested in doing a mission trip. How do you find missions? I've looked on my school website but I've never seen a sign up for a mission trip.
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    Moved to Volunteer Nursing forum. Check out the threads about mission trips.

    Here are a couple:
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    Check out Doctors Without Borders. Also, Mercy Ships does medical missions, but they require a more longer-term commitment. Many churches also send doctors & nurses on medical mission trips.
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    I went on a medical mission to Cambodia and am preparing for medical mission to Haiti June 2009. This will be my third trip to Haiti, as I've been there twice for humanitarian missions.

    I love traveling and particularly mission trips. Awesome, humbling and and an eye opener. They are experiences I will never forget!!

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