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    I am looking into going to chamberlain at the arlington campus this fall...anyone else looking here or know much about the school? I just started looking into it and might go take a look around the school next week. I have heard mixed reviews about the school in general. Some love it some say the pass rates are low and it's a waste of money. Just trying to get a feel for what the school is really like. It's really the only nursing program close enough to me that is not a 4yr program. I LOVE the fact that they have a 3yr bachelors program which is what i had been looking for. Any advice/comments are appreciated!! Oh also any comments on the entrance exam?

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    I do not know of it, but I am not in Arlington. The main thing is make sure it is accredited with the proper agency. Have you looked on any site to make sure it is? Also, research (if possible) on the Tx. Board of Nurse Examiners site, and see if the info from past is on there. At least once a year, in our Nursing newsletter put out by the board, there is a list of schools and it states whether they have any recommendations, warnings, etc. regarding accreditation.
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    Theres a school close to me here in Ohio; I thought about transferring after my LPN, until I found out their RN classes go mainly to LTC for clinicals, and to be frank, I'm not built for LTC. Thats all we did during my LPN clinicals and it drove me crazy. I can't imagine that I would learn much as an RN doing more clinicals in the same places. I hope your Chamberlain is different.
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    I went to the open house the arlington campus had and I was impressed. They seem very well organized and the labs looked like a hospital floor. It's very pretty because it's new but VERY expensive. I'm also thinking of applying, but for next year. I have not heard any reviews or anything about Chamberlain so I'm not sure if it is worth all that money, but I do like that you can graduate after 3 years with a bachelors. If you do get more info, please let me know because I am also interested.
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    The only thing i now know is that they aren't accredited so i decided against it for now probably just going to take some gen. ed classes at nova so that i'd also have the option to transfer into GMU's nursing program but i wish more programs offered the 3yr bsn!
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    hi kelbelle21!!! i checked with chamberlain and they said they are in the process of being accredited. all their other locations/campus are accredited so she said they are pretty certain that the arlington campus will be accredited soon. i'm not sure how long that will take though. good luck!
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    I moved this to the Virginia Nursing Programs Discussion forum because it's a campus-based program, not distance learning.
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    Anyone out there headed to the Chamberlain Arlington Campus this fall??
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    Hi NicoleLee,

    Are you going to Chamberlain this Fall 2010? If you are, how do you like it? did you transfer any credits there?


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