Burlington Vermont Nurses!

  1. 1 Does anyone know what the job market is like in Burlington VT for RN's? Especially at the Fletcher Allen Hospital? I am ready for a change of scenery and I love Vermont! I know the job market is crap everywhere but I am hopeful!
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    Check your PMs.
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    Did you end up at FAHC? I applied to their residency program there, just wondering how you liked it if so
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    Yes I did. I love it. The hospital is great, the people are kind. The residents seem happy here. The area is beautiful. It's fun place to live!
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    I'm in the applicant pool for FAHC (well now called University of Vermont Medical Center). I applied on Jan 1, got invited to do the video interview so did that 6 weeks ago. Spoke with HR today to find out the next step since it's been 6 wks with no update to find I'm in the applicant pool. She said it can take a few months to possibly get selected. How long til any of you who applied got an offer there?? I live in SC but have an active license in VT and am ready to make the move! Any info at all abt your experience is helpful!
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    How can you guys afford to live there? I considered working in VT, but the cost of living scared me off.

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