FAHC New Grads - Phone interviews?

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Hi everyone! I'm wondering, has anyone else applied to the graduate nurse program at fletcher allen? Have you heard back from HR or nurse managers? Any insight you all have would be helpful! I had a good phone interview about a week and a half ago, but haven't heard anything since then. Thanks!

Hi, I know you posted about this months ago, but I recently submitted my application and was hoping you could elaborate on how the process went for you... like the length of time after submission before you were contacted for the phone interview, if you went in for an inperson interview, and if you were offered a job how it is going! Really any information you could provide to me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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So I know this was from last year - but how did it go for both of you? I'm in the "applicant pool" now, but haven't heard back from any unit managers. Just wondering how the process was for you guys.

This is from forever ago haha!! But 2 yrs later I am in the same boat with this hospital having completed a prerecorded video interview 2 wks ago (guess that replaces the old phone interview) and was wondering when everyone heard back and if it was From HR or hiring managers. I am in such limbo and ready to hear back and hopefully work soon or know when I'll start if hired ..... thanks!!

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