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  1. alehne

    FAHC New Grads - Phone interviews?

    Hi, I know you posted about this months ago, but I recently submitted my application and was hoping you could elaborate on how the process went for you... like the length of time after submission before you were contacted for the phone interview, if you went in for an inperson interview, and if you were offered a job how it is going! Really any information you could provide to me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. alehne

    UCH Residency July 2012

    Hi all, I know it has been awhile since this thread has been active but I wanted to ask those who started in the July cohort how soon after they interviewed were they notified if they either were turned down or offered the position. Also, does anyone know if HR interviews a large volume of applicants, or do they try to keep it to those who they are more sure of hiring? Just trying to get a little advice now that the October cohort is starting to be formed. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!